QCY T13 review, best low budget earbuds with premium sound and outstanding battery life

In our today’s article, we are featuring the QCY T13 earbuds, an amazing piece of audio hardware from QCY brand.  The world of premium wireless earbuds obviously is dominated by Samsung and Apple, but TWS brand such as the QCY are not backing out anytime soon.

The T13 earbud from QCY falls under the low-budget segment with an interesting features. But the question is, how good are they? and should you consider getting it as your next pair of earbuds? or if you’re new to earbuds, should you get this one for yourself or as a gift? This detailed review was made with you in mind and I hope it helps you decide on your earbuds purchase.


Talking about low budget earbuds with good specifications, the QCY T13 as at the time of writing this review goes for about 7 to 9,000 Naira and it comes with the following key features 4 Mic, ENC noise reduction, mic amplification and echo cancellation, Bluetooth 5.1 capable of going 10meters range, a single use play time of more than  8hours and 40hours playtime with charging case.

It features IPX5, QCY claims it’s water resistance but if you ask me, I’ll say you should not go swimming with your earbud since there is not water rating on the QCY website for the T13 earbuds though it can still survive some few splashes but not recommended to use while swimming, bathing or under rain.


The QCY T13 wireless charging case has a unique space capsule design, with a square and round shape, simple and smooth body lines with a predominant glossy finishing.

The top surface of the charging compartment has the QCY brand logo. You also get an interior matte design inside the wireless charging case and a button under the recess of the charging compartment that is used to factory reset or battery light prompt.

On the right side you have a USB Type-C port which is more convenient than the micro USB port. Below the groove is the charging indicator light that shows RED when the case is plugged in to charge and GREEN when fully charged.

The case has a battery capacity of 380mAh and it can charge the earbuds for 3-4 times.

Glossy designs looks good but the issue with glossy design is that it’s a kind of a scratch magnet or prone to scratches and doesn’t fend-off fingerprint.


The QCY T13 is an in-ear wireless earbuds, small in size and looks simple to the eyes with a glossy finishing.

It lays flat in the charging case and in my opinion it is preferable to the upright concept. QCY made them especially light with each earbud weighing 4grams while the case and earbuds put together is 44 grams.

The angle of the part is just right and the outer size fits well with the ear socket, the inside and outside are very fit, so it is very comfortable to wear.

It has a 29mm stem length dimension, the charging contacts of the earbuds are set on the surface of the stem. When taken out of charging compartment for the first time, there is a piece of adhesive paper attached to the charging contact which needs to be removed before using.

The earbuds sits comfortably in the ear without falling off and if you find yours going off your ear, you can easily replace the ear-caps to a suitable one from among the spare silicon ear-caps.

There are 5 things I look out for in an earbuds, and that is

  • Audio Quality
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Battery life
  • Latency


The sound signature of this earbuds is obviously part of what makes it the best in the low budget segment when it comes to audio performance and noise cancellation. The output is balanced, covering a detailed sound spectrum without over pronouncing one aspect in favor of the other.

The 7.2 dynamic audio drivers produced a deep sound with an HIFI texture. From 75% volume, you’re already getting the sound quality you need and even at 100% volume, it doesn’t struggle to keep the sound signature. For those who likes stronger bass when listening to good music or watching movies, this headphone is a good choice. The bass is deep and powerful, it extends to the right place and retracts cleanly without overpowering the overall output.


Noise cancellation is another impressive aspect of these earphones. Though it comes with environmental noise cancellation for noise reduction instead of Active noise cancellation, it still does the job so well.

The difference between ENC and ANC is that ENC is build to reduce environmental noise at a very minimal whereas the ANC can cancel out a noise upto 40dB or more. And there is a huge price difference between a product coming with ENC or ANC. And for this earbud price of about 7 -9000 naira, the inclusion of ENC is still a good choice here, the noise cancellation works at minimal in a noisy environment but in a less noisy environment, its even more better.


The battery life is undoubtedly an outstanding part of this earbuds. It can go more than 8 hours on a single playtime.  The charging case has a long battery life, and the headphones can be used for a long time after it is fully charged. It can be used for 3 to 5 days based on 8 hours per day. In my opinion, It is completely unnecessary to worry about the battery life.


It uses  Bluetooth 5.1 chip. After getting the earbuds paired to your mobile phone or laptop for the 1st   time, subsequent connecting the earbuds to your device is a smooth affair. Within few seconds, it gets connected automatically when your Bluetooth are turned ON. Its advertised to cover a marked transmission distance of about 10meters during usage and this is the test I did for it.


The earbuds has two self-adaptive bilateral microphones, a chip that intelligently recognize voice or noise according to the position of the mic and then cooperate with the ENC algorithm to suppress environmental noise and amplify voice signals.

The QCY T13 has 4 mic with different functions, calling experience with this earbuds is very good, the noise cancellation works as it should, the receiver from the other end can hear the callers voice loud and clear when in a noisy environment, thanks to the mic amplification and noise reduction features.

QCY T13 full review based on personal experience


The selling point of this earbuds is the audio quality, a battery life than can go 3-5 days and the 4 Mic capability. The latency is low. It also come with a companion app that can be used to check the earbuds battery life, set music equalizer mode to your specific taste, OTA firmware upgrade, find my earplugs and other functions. I’ve had this earbuds for 2-3 weeks now without any regrets and this review is based on my personal experience with the QCY T13 earbuds and I can tell you its one of the best low budget headphones that can easily be sold for more when considering its specs and performance.