Xiaomi 200W Charger Can Charge Your Phone From 0-100% In 10 Minutes

xiaomi 200w charger technology
Xiaomi’s 200W HyperCharge fast charging can fully charge your phone in 8 minutes

Xiaomi 200W Charger that can charge phone from 0-100% in 10 minutes. Xiaomi is at it again – The company has just showed off a new fast charging high mark technology capable of getting a smartphone from 0 to 100 percent battery in less than 8 minutes: a 200W charging system

xiaomi 200w charger technology
Xiaomi’s 200W HyperCharge fast charging can fully charge your phone in 8 minutes

Xiaomi in its new twitter video showcase “Xiaomi HyperCharge” saying that the new tech can rocket a phone from empty to full in 8 minutes. That’s about as long as a trip to the gas station or a closeby supermarket. These quick-charging systems don’t provide a continuous charge rate, but Xiaomi was nice enough to hook its new charger up to an electricity usage monitor so it can be seen what is happening. The Xiaomi 200W charger as tested shows the phone charges to 10 percent in just 44 seconds, then quickly ramps up to 200 W.


The Xiaomi 200W charger tech, used on a modified Xiaomi MI 11 Pro with a 4,000mAh battery, gets the phone from 0-10% in just 44 seconds. The phone achieves a 50 percent charge in a ridiculous three minutes. Next, the phone slowly ramps the power down, dropping to 150 W and hitting 75 percent charge in five-and-a-half minutes. Finally, the system ramps down to 40 W on its way to a full charge at eight minutes.

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Xiaomi also showcased its 120W wireless charging tech, which gets a smartphone with a 4,000mAh battery from 0 to 100 percent battery in 15 minutes. Xiaomi has been showcasing increasingly faster charging tech year after year. In October last year, the company showed off its 80W wireless charging tech which got a phone from 0 to 100 percent in 19 minutes.

Xiaomi is not the only company pushing for faster charging speeds. Qualcomm announced 100 W charging tech last year (though, for some reason, the uptake on this feature has been very poor), and Oppo is up to 125 W. Xiaomi’s best commercial phones hit 120 W. All of these systems use proprietary chargers right now, but with USB-C recently adding support for 240 W power delivery, maybe we could all agree on a standard.

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Increasingly faster charging is slowly being implemented in widely available smartphones, but there are limits as to how fast you can charge a battery, as more power means more generated heat and, potentially, quicker battery degradation.

There’s no word on when, exactly, the new tech will make its way into a Xiaomi phone you can actually buy. For reference, the regular Xiaomi Mi 11 has 55 wired charging and 50W wireless charging.

While Xiaomi has announced these two promising wired and wireless technologies, there is no word on when the new tech will be employed in market-ready products, and which phones will get it first. However, its integration can be expected in Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship models.