Download Twrp Recovery For Infinix Hot 6 x606 And x606B

twrp recovery for infinix hot 6
Download and Install TWRP Recovery For Infinix Hot 6 X606 X606B

Infinix Hot 6 twrp recovery is here. This twrp recovery file works for both Infinix Hot 6 X606 and X606B variant. Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) recovery is one of the most popular custom recovery img for Android smartphone. An essential tool for anybody who loves to modify their Android device. For all Infinix Hot 6 users who has been searching for working TWRP recovery for their smartphone, here in this article, you will fine working twrp recovery for Infinix Hot 6 X606 and X606B.

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As said before, twrp is an essential tool for all users of Android smartphone who wants to modify their phone and the importance of this recovery file is as follows:

NANDroid Backup

Perform full system backups to hold onto just in case you screw something up on your phone. It’s always a good idea to backup before you flash any kind of ROM.

Restoring an Existing Backup

If you flash a ROM that you don’t like, or you’re experiencing some kind of bug in your software, restore from a known good backup.

Flash ZIP Files

If you’re installing a mod, flashing Gapps, or flashing a ROM, you’ll need the ability to flash ZIP files through your recovery.

Factory Reset

Sometimes you get stuck and you’re not able to boot into the Android OS. When this happens, you can try to boot into TWRP and perform a factory reset.

Fix Permissions

When you’re flashing ROMs, sometimes your system can forget which permissions were granted to different apps. Fixing permissions will set everything back to the way you had them.

Gain Root Access

This days, rooting Android smartphone using one click root apps or softwares seems impossible as Android has grown beyond using one click app to gain root access but with Twrp recovery, all android smartphone can be rooted via Twrp recovery mode.

Infinix Hot 6 Twrp Recovery — How To Install TWRP Recovery On Infinix Hot 6 X606 And X606B

The procedure to install Twrp Recovery for Infinix Hot 6 X606 and X606B is pretty simple and it goes as follows:

  1. Simply download the Infinix Hot 6 twrp recovery from below link and extract its contents to a folder in your PC.
  2. After that, open the folder containing Infinix Hot 6 twrp recovery and double click on “OneClick flasher.bat” and then follow the onscreen instruction to safely install the twrp recovery file to your Infinix Hot 6 smartphone

NOTE: Your phone bootloader must be unlocked and also ensure you make backup of your files. Unlocking your bootloader will wipe all files on your internal storage, so make a backup before proceeding to unlock.

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Download Infinix Hot 6 X606 X606B Twrp Recovery

Credit goes to RAJ for bringing this working TWRP recovery file to Infinix Hot 6 X606 and X606B variant.