How To Use iPhone As A Webcam For Your Pc Or MAc Using These Apps

How to Use iPhone As a Webcam

iPhone device with camera on both rear and front can be really useful even after the device becomes outdated and you have already switched to the new one. Apple iPhone as we all know are known for their excellent cameras due to the image quality they deliver which is much better than what you get from an average webcam.

These cameras can be used for numerous kind of purposes and one of such purpose of the cameras is to take it as a working webcam. This type of smartphone webcam can be portable and work through a wireless connection and moreover using these features can be utilized for the business needs or other important needs. This happens through installing some sort of app that can help to use the iPhone as a webcam.

Here in this article on how to use iPhone as a webcam for your PC or MAC, we are presenting to you list of best apps to use iPhone as a webcam. Interested in this article? Please keep reading to see how to use iPhone as a webcam to your PC or Mac instead of buying a separate device. This function is especially useful if you own a desktop PC or a laptop that does not have a webcam.

how to use iphone as webcam for pc

Below are the 5 selected apps with amazing features that you can use in turning your iPhone into a webcam. The good news about this apps is that it comes with an option to convert your iPhone into some security camera functionality so you can access it anywhere else, especially in case of an emergency. Have a look at these apps listed below and get the one that works best for you.

  1. FaceTime: On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize any outsider application, at that point you should attempt the Facetime application. Facetime is a video talk application that requires an Apple ID and wi-fi system to transform your iPhone into a webcam. All you require is to introduce this application on your iPhone and on Mac. Additionally, ensure that both the applications on your iPhone and Mac have diverse contact points of interest in light of the fact that on the off chance that you utilize similar subtle elements, you will get a bustling tone unfailingly.
  2. PocketCam: The best application that gives you a chance to utilize your iOS gadget as a remote webcam for your Windows Computer. It consequently advances the recordings that are caught by your gadget camera. Likewise, it’s good with Skype, iChat, and AIM, among others. You should simply to download and introduce this application on your iOS gadget and afterward you are prepared to utilize iPhone as a webcam. The Lite form just sends highly contrasting recordings and won’t transmit sound.
  3. EpocCam: EpocCam is another solid stage where you can watch your most loved anime arrangement. It changes your iOS gadget into a remote webcam that can be utilized to screen your home or office. EpocCam is perfect with Skype, Windows Live Messanger, and Google+. In this way, It can be the ideal answer for you, on the off chance that you need to see your child or pet. When you download this application, you simply need to set up a free record, and you are prepared to go. Likewise, the Connection is programmed, so you don’t have to do any manual setup.
  4. AtHome Camera: This is another best application that transforms your gadget into a video observing webcam, acting like a child screen or pet camera. There are two modes accessible in this application – the one is the streamer, and the other is the watcher. Regardless of whether you are utilizing the application as a streamer or the watcher, you’ll have the capacity to converse with any associated gadget and the other way around. Besides, you will get a warning if there is any development amid the video observing.
  5. Presence: Another best free application that changes your iOS gadget into a security framework is Presence. The interface of this application so basic that a fledgling can utilize it like a star. Likewise, it gives you free 50 MB distributed storage that can be utilized to record and spare a couple of minutes of video. In any case, in the event that you need to redesign the distributed storage confine, at that point you simply need to move up to the expert form in which you will get 5 GB stockpiling.

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These apps are highly functional and you can also utilize them easily. As seen, we have given details of the webcam apps for iPhone so you can pick one that works best for you. Hope you like this article on how to use iPhone as a webcam for your PC. Do hit the share button to share with your friends. Over to you now, we will love to read your views.