5 Things You Should Know About The New Infinix Note 5 Before Buying It

The long waited and much anticipated next Infinix Note device is finally here, I’m talking about Infinix Note 5 latest addition to the Infinix Note series. I know most infinix smartphone fans and lovers has been patiently waiting for this beats to be unleashed to the public but before heading to go grab yours, here’s is 5 things to know about Infinix Note 5 device.

I’m pretty sure most if not all Infinix lovers are very happy concerning the launch of the long awaited Infinix Note 5 smartphone and their happiness can be described as that of a pregnant woman finally giving birth to beautiful baby girl. lol. Despite the happiness and like every other smartphones out there, you don’t expect everything to be perfect just like the way you wanted or imagined it to be. So this post is not written to castigate the new Infinix Note 5 and the Note 5 Pro thereby painting them black just like i know many of you are already thinking and you’re already waiting standby to start throwing stones. Rather, this post about 5 things to know about the new Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Pro device is only written to point out those spectacular specs and features of the Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Pro, and some of those specs which we personally anticipated that Infinix should have done better.. and here are some of the things we will be discussing in this article.

5 Things To Know About Infinix Note 5 Before Buying It

Infinix as we already know just based on  the way Infinix have been doing their things before, unleashed two variants of the Infinix Note 5 devices which are Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Pro version and just as you can tell based on Infinix we know, the Pro version always come with slightly bigger specs and price difference that might get you confused when deciding which one to go for. But currently as at the time this article was written, the only version you can literally see and buy from phone shops for the moment is the standard Inifnix Note 5 variant, the Pro version will be coming pretty soon, and we will not fail to update you when it lands. To get the latest news, subscribe to our newsletter to get notified when we drop it. Without wasting much time, lets head to the main reason for this article which is things to know about Infinix Note 5 smartphone.

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#1. Design:

The new Infinix Note 5 smartphone came with a glossy (shiny and reflective) plastic body that might be easily mistaken for glass if not observed closely, but that doesn’t dispute the fact that it is plastic, and plastics are inferior to metal, because they are bond to scratch, wear and tear, and easily get broken within a short period time. Infinix would have done better here by making use of metal design.

things to know about infinix note 5
Things you should know about Infinix Note 5 before buying

Inside the box, Infinix incliuded a rubber phone case to protect the phone’s body, nice one but who needs a phone case in 2018 when the whole world is moving to using glass and metallic body design on smartphones? Meanwhile, the good news is that the Pro variant comes with a metallic Aluminium body that speaks more premium and looks more pricey than its twin brother, Note 5.

#2. Display And Camera:

Yes, Infinix did a great job here with the Note 5 and Note 5 pro camera. For the first time, Infinix integrated a FHD+ (Full HD Plus) resolution display on the Note devices making it a big step forward from the iconic just normal HD resolution that has taunted the Note series smartphones for so many years.

6-Inch FHD+ IPS LCD with 1080 x 2160 Resolution, 18:9 Aspect Ratio, 403 ppi density, 2.5D glass

Here, you are getting a 6″ Inch FHD+ (Full Display) IPS LCD display on both variants, with an 18:9 Aspect Ratio which means that you’ll get more screen estate with reduced up and down bezels, but personally to me, i don’t really think that both Infinix and Tecno have done well to reduce any of these bezels, because merely looking at them, they are still considerably large compared to what you’ll get on other smartphones within their range. But that doesn’t still dispute the fact that these smartphones really do look very beautiful and pleasing to the eye. With a Full HD resolution means you’ll get a sharper and crispier screen to look at whenever you are operating your phone… Big kudos to Infinix for this nice one.

About the cameras, I’m pleased and at the same time kind of disappointed. So even though we don’t get to enjoy dual camera setup on both devices just like we saw on the recent Infinix Hot 6 and Hot 6 Pro, we still get to enjoy a camera with 12MP and some  AI stuff going on in it. In absence of dual-camera, both cameras (front and back) also comes with bokeh effects mode (background blur) controlled by software inside the Note 5 device. the question here now is, if a lower end Infinix Hot 6 and 6 Pro could have and flaunt dual cameras, why can’t the Note 5 and Note 5 Pro have one? hmmm


Both device have a single 12MP lens at the rear with AI Scene And Object Recognition using Google Lens that is baked into the Android One that came with the phone. Something similar but not exactly what you’d get on some other top flagship devices, where the camera automatically detects the scene and subject in view and decides what camera settings will be best fitting to take the photo. You can as well tap on objects through the camera’s view finder to know what they are or get more details about them using the Google Lens, and you can also automatically point at and translate texts in real time right from the camera, more like what you’ll see on Samsung Galaxy S9 Bixby camera. for the selfie lovers, the Infinix Note 5 comes with a 16MP front camera suiting for selfies here and there.

#3. Software And Hardware:

Concerning the software, you don’t get the iconic Infinix own customised XOS Ui OS on these devices, instead you get Google’s own native popular Android One. For the benefit of those who don’t know about  Android one, Android One is simply a pure and original android version that is meant for other brands of smartphones. With Android One, you’ll get that kind of experience you have when using a Google Nexus or Pixel device. Sounds cool right? Yeah is does.

Things to know before buying Infinix Note 5 – Android One

With Android One in this device, it means you’ll get a smooth performance without lags and you know why? because everything in Android One is being controlled by Google themselves and you know the kind of smooth performance and experience you’ll get when using a smart phone that is completely controlled by Google,  Google Pixel and Pixel 2 owners or users can tell you more about that.

This beast comes with a 3GB/ 4GB of RAM, Mediatek Helio P23 Chipset, Quad core clocked at 2.0Ghz, meaning multitasking and flying through apps and games as you like will not be a thing of headache compared to devices with low RAM and processor, not a lot of apps will have a hard time staying open in the background unless you try pushing the phone to its limits by leaving too many heavy apps in the background. Note 5 performance is pretty smooth, fast and stable.

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Before going to next reason, why did Infinix choose to use a Mediatek processor on this device instead of making use of Qualcomm Snapdragon processor the way they did on infinix Hot S3, Hot 6 & Hot 6 Pro? Many were eagerly anticipating this device to come with Snapdragon processor, higher version to say when compared to those mentioned devices running on a qualcomm snapdragon chipset. Here, Infinix no try at all, hands has been fallen here, hopefully Infinix zero 6 will see a better processor.

For those who don’t know, Qualcomm Snapdragon is a powerful suite of system on a chip (SoC) semiconductor products for mobile devices designed and marketed by Qualcomm Technologies Inc. Qualcomm® mobile processors are designed to combine advanced features and support for worldwide network connectivity with jaw-dropping speed and unbelievable power efficiency. For Note 5 and his big brother which is Note 5 pro, Infinix would have made use of this processor to up the game.

#4. Style:

I am impressed and at the same time not pretty impressed with the style Infinix gave to this device. Previously, Infinix introduced S-pen on Infinix Note 4 Pro device, but there was an issue which got everyone kinda upset. The S-pen that came with the the Note 4 Pro wasn’t built into the body of the phone, instead it was built together with the phone case that came with the device which means you are forced to carry the phone case anywhere you go if you want to use the S-pen, even when you are not a fan of phone cases, and secondly the phone case really made the device to become unnecessarily large, bulky and uncomfortable to hold. In Infinix Note 5 Pro, you are getting an S-pen that is built together inside the phone’s body, so all you have to do, is click a bottom at the bottom of it to pop it off just like you do on a Samsung Galaxy Note device.

Again, just as they did on Infinix Note 4 Pro, The Note 5 pro will be coming with an S-pen while the standard Note 5 will have no S-pen. Why call it a Note device when it doesn’t have what it takes to be called a Note. In my own opinion, the S-pen shouldn’t have been a differentiating factor between the two devices. There are a lot of things that can differentiate the two devices apart from the S-pen, things like maybe a bigger RAM and storage which they already have, a bigger screen, better processor, bigger battery, a better camera or even a processor difference.. but the S-pen? Naahhh, it should have never been a differentiating factor.

#5. Battery And Price:

Here, the beast comes with a 4500mAh non-removeable battery which can last up to 2 to 3 days without rechareg but for heavy user like me, a recharge will be necessary…lol… It also comes with a quick charge feature, infinix’ very own quick charge feature called ‘Xcharge”.

For the price, The device will be available for purchase through various online and offline stores, currently available for pre-order via Jumia Nigeria Store and Konga at the price of N64,300 naira in (175 USD).


There is our little review on Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Pro. We hope you enjoyed reading this article on 5 things to know about Infinix Note 5 meant not to discourage but to encourage you go get it…lol…. The device is dope and we belief you will enjoying making use and flaunting it while it last. We will love to read your comments and do share this article with your friends by hitting the share button.