How To Access iTunes For Android

As you all know that Android and iOS are totally different platforms that have their own capabilities and different apps. iTunes is one of the most famous apps for the iOS platform and its operating system and people love using this app for playing songs, media, etc. When it comes to Android, its users cannot enjoy using this amazing iTune application just because their platform does not support it reason being that Apple has not made it available for the android users. For Android users who loves to use this app and want to run it on their android, there is a possible way to do so. Infact, the goodnews in this article is that we will be talking about 3 ways to access  iTunes for Android

Actually, there are multiple ways of running iTunes on Android and all ways perform really well and are easy to implement. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which the users can be able to play iTunes app on their Android devices. Keep on reading this article till the end of the page and you will get really beneficial information about those incredible 3 ways of running iTunes for Android.

One of my friends is a fan of this app and he also keeps me irritating that in your Android you can’t have such cool app so I decided to research the app similar to that but luckily I got the way by which I can get the iTunes on my android and that was quite surprising. So I researched and got three ways by which this was possible and then I decided to write a guide on this so that other Android users in need of this can also use the same iTune in their android phone with a great ease.

3 Sure Ways To Access iTunes For Android

Below are the possible ways by which you can avail the iTunes services right on your android device by just syncing it with the present available services in the iTunes. So have a look at the complete tutorial below.

#1. Access iTunes On Android Using the iSyncr App

  1. Begin with downloading the iSyncr application from Google PlayStore and the work area application for your PC. From that point onward, interface your device to your PC and open the iSyncr work area application.
  2. At that point, a window will show up on your screen asking which records you wanna exchange to your gadget. Simply tick the case beside the iTunes choice and after that snap Synchronize catch.

    Access the iTunes Using the iSyncr App-in Android Phone
  3. Once clicked, the iSyncr work area application will begin exchanging your documents to your telephone.
    When the procedure is done, at that point open the iSyncr Android application and after that, you’ll have the capacity to play the music accumulation utilizing your picked music player.

#2. Access iTunes On Android By Means Of USB

Another way to access iTunes on Android smartphone is by means of USB. Note-You will have the capacity to exchange documents to your phoneuntil the point that you have adequate capacity.

  1. Turn on your PC and after that interface your device to Pc utilizing the USB link. Presently, open windows voyager and afterward find the iTunes organizer. From that point onward, simply drag the iTunes envelope into your telephone’s music organizer.
  2. Once the exchange is done, you’ll have the capacity to see all your most loved music tracks in your picked music player.
Access iTunes by means of USB in your Android device

#3. Syncing iTunes to Android utilizing Google Play Music

This is the most convenient way to access iTunes for Android device and you just need to follow some simple steps listed below.

  1. Keeping in mind the end goal to adjust iTunes to Android, you have to download the Google music supervisor on your work area and Google Play Music on your Android Phone.
  2. Once finished, open the Google Music Manager program and login with your Google account. Select the area from where you need to transfer the music. From that point forward, the program will begin the synchronizing procedure

    Syncing iTunes to Android utilizing Google Play Music
  3. After that, open the Google Play Music App on your telephone and tap My library. Presently, you’ll see your music gathering beginning to show up.
  4. Simply sit tight for the matching up process finish and after that begin to make the most of your most loved music tracks.

Yes, those are the 3 proven ways to access iTunes for Android. all steps have been tested and trusted. We will love to read your comments and contributions to this article. Also, don’t forget to share this articles with your friends. Thanks for reading