Opera 51 Released: It’s 38% Faster Than Firefox Quantum 58

If we talk about web browser, Google Chrome will be the first browser to come to mind. Recently, Mozilla triggered the browser war with the release of Firefox 57 which is also known as Firefox Quantum. However, it looks like it wasn’t that easy to defeat Google Chrome. Recently Opera released Opera 51 browser and with that, it joins the battle. The developers of Opera 51 claims that the new version of Opera is based on Chromium 64.

opera browser 51
Opera Browser 51 Vs. Mozilla Firefox 58

According to developers, Opera 51 was around 38% faster than Firefox 58 when tested on HP spectre running Windows 10 Operating system this is because Opera 51’s Windows version is compiled with Clang. Not only these, Opera 51 also includes a tool to block crypto jacking on people’s computers. The browser also houses features click to scroLL, bookmark import/export, pop-out video player and more.

Opera 51 for macOS is also been revamped to match that of Windows and the static image in the private mode has been replaced with an animation. Do you want to try the latest Opera 51 browser? Head over to Opera’s blog post for more information and download link