WhatsApp To Launch Feature That Group Admin Will Hate

WhatsApp group admin feature – The beta version of WhatsApp continues to receive many updates, and in recent months those related to administrators and the new group controls that are being prepared stand out. In the last beta, the possibility of degrading administrators was added.

WhatsApp adds and continues with its new options for administrators. Since the company owned by Facebook have been working for months in new functions for their beta, focusing everything possible to improve the experience in their groups. They have incorporated things like the invitation by link or the ability to mutate messages that are not administrators, in a quest to make WhatsApp also be the centre of a different experience, similar to things that other apps like Telegram already use from long ago with its channels and supergroups.

At the centre of this new experience, complementary to the current one, is the need to give more power to the administrators so that they can carry out their problems without major conflicts. And precisely conflicts is what can arise between several administrators. Due to it, a new function has been added that will allow downgrading an administrator to a normal user if necessary.

Formerly, if you wanted to degrade an administrator, you had to throw him out of the group and put him/her back. If you want to throw him/her out, this second part is unnecessary; but in case you want to keep it, it’s a nuisance. If something needs the new functions of administrators is to be efficient and fast. That’s why a new option has been added to demote administrators without needing to remove the group member. It is done by selecting the user within the Group Information section:

Whatsapp group admin feature

In this way, the user experience is improved and processes are accelerated. However, they are not the only changes that are being made in WhatsApp. Recently, new green verification stamps have been added to official accounts, something that will be put to use with WhatsApp Business.

A new button with notifications of mentions in the group has also been added, thanks to which you can jump directly to the messages in which you have been mentioned so as not to miss relevant information. With all these changes, work continues on improving the groups to levels that had not yet been seen in the instant messaging application.

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