How To Root Leeco le s3 x626 Helio x20 And Install Twrp recovery

How To Root Leeco le s3 x626 Helio x20

In this article, we will be talking about how to root leeco le s3 x626 helio x20 Android phone the easy way. To unleash your smartphone full potential to further customize it the way you want, rooting it is the key as it enables you gain administrative right of your Android, use apps full features that requires root access, etc. Without wasting time on this topic, lets quickly proceed to the rooting process.

Quick Note: Before proceeding to root leeco le s3 x626 helio x20, it is necessary your device bootloader must be unlocked and also twrp recovery installed. See detailed guide on how to unlock leeco le s3 x626 helio x20 bootloader if you have not unlocked its bootloader.

How To Install Twrp Recovery On Leeco le s3 x626 Helio x20

On how to root Leeco le s3 x626 Helio x20, we will first of all install twrp recovery which we will later use it to root. The installation process is pretty simple. Also, you will be needing the following:

  • PC
  • SuperSU – Download
  • Minimal adb and fastboot – Download
  • Leeco le s3 x626 helio x20 twrp recovery img – Download
  • USB cable
  • Patience

Again, your device bootloader must be unlocked , else rooting process and recovery installation will not possible.

#1. Download minimal adb & fastboot, extract it and install

#2. Download your device twrp recovery img, extract it and move it to minimal adb & fastboot folder found in Local disk program file (86)

#3. Still inside minimal adb & fastboot folder,  press and hold shift key + right click and select “Open command window here” which will now open command window

  • Do not delete whats written in the command window

How To Root Leeco le s3 x626 Helio x20

#4. Now, turn off your phone and reboot it to fastboot mode by press and holding Volume Down + Power button and then connect it to your pc

#5. In that command window, type  “ adb devices ” without the quote and hit the ENTER key. That command will show if your phone has been connected properly

#6. Again type ” fastboot flash recovery twrp.img ” without the quote and hit ENTER key to begin installing the twrp recovery to your phone. After installation, simply reboot your phone to recovery mode

  • Do not reboot to recovery mode using fastboot command. Instead, reboot using your phone

You have successfully installed twrp recovery to Leeco le s3 helio x20 Android phone. Proceed to rooting process if you want to root the device.

How To Root Leeco le s3 x626 Helio x20

Granted you have successfully unlocked your device bootloader and also installed twrp recovery. Follow below simple method to root leeco le s3 helio x20:

  1. Download SuperSU v2.82 zip package to your device. Do not put it in any folder
  2. Boot your phone to twrp recovery mode by press and holding Volume Up + Power Button for 5seconds
  3. In twrp recovery mode, select “Install” and then navigate to where you placed supersu v2.82 file, click on it and proceed to root
  4. After rooting, simply restart your phone

Done… You have gained root access on your device and can now use root permision. To verify root, download and install root checker app from Google play store to verify root status.

Have any question or feedback on how to root leeco le s3 x626 helio x20, tell us about it via the comment below.