iPhone 8 Plus Reportedly Burst Open During Charging

Recently, Apple changed its tactics and tried something new by launching its most innovative device, iPhone X and along with it was iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which was launched closely after the release of iPhone X. Though iPhone X comes with lager screen size, Apple still maintained their similar traditional iPhone size. The front of iPhone X is completely occupied by the screen without buttons.

Inline with the reports from The Next Web, a Taiwanese iPhone 8 Plus buyer has claimed that his new iPhone 8 Plus split open while being charged with its original plug adapter and cable. He also added that the said iPhone 8 Plus was in use for just five days.

Another iPhone 8 Plus owner from Japan claimed that their phone started splitting open. The worst thing about that of the Japanese user is that he didn’t even have a chance to charge his new iPhone 8 Plus because the phone’s screen was found partially detached from the second he unboxed it. He claimed that the iPhone 8 Plus was delivered with the screen already partially detached.

To escalate the issue, the Japanese customer took to twitter by posting the images of his all-new detached iPhone 8 Plus.

LaterApple confirmed that they are looking into the matter. The company believes that the problem was caused due to the battery swelling, but it doesn’t pose a safety concern. However, there are currently no reliable answers.