How To Use Snapchat Without Sharing Your location

Hello and welcome to my blog again. Here in this article, we will be  telling you how to use snapchat without sharing your location. Snapchat is one among the best social media services that have gained popularity in few years alone and this is something that happens rarely because coming into the minds of millions of people after piercing through the rush of already available social services is not easy. Snapchat by itself has gained extreme popularity because it consists of amazing and addictive media sharing capabilities that no other social media service have attained.

how to use Snapchat without sharing your locationAlthough snapchat is full of great functions and features, it also has some cons, one of which is the sharing of location details that are kept necessary. Unable to provide that details lead to disabling of various filters and features which is totally not fare because its not all users that will be comfortable in sharing his/ her location.

For preventing snapchat from sharing users location details there is certainly a method available and this method would not even stop any features or functions from working. Here in this article, we are going to tell you about that particular method. If only you are interested or keen to know about this method then please keep reading as we tell you how to use Snapchat without sharing your location.

How To Use Snapchat On Android Phone Without Sharing Location

For Android users who wish to stop sharing their location while using snapchat, below guide will be of great help. Like said before, you will still enjoy all features and functions of snapchat even when not sharing your location. The procedure is pretty simple and it goes as follows:

★ Go to your Android device settings and then head to the Apps or installed apps. From there, look for the Snapchat app, click on it and go to the App permissions option from there and then set the Location access to deny for this particular app.

How To Use Snapchat On iOS Withtout Sharing Location

Go to device settings of the iOS, and then from there under the Apps list look for the Snapchat and then tap on it. Reaching the Snapchat screen or the panel you will see that there would be a Location Access option with a pointer or the arrow bracket to its side. Simply tap on this option and then proceed to make the changes under there.

On the screen that appears, change the “Allow Location Access” to be designated as “Never” rather than allowing it to use the location access. That’s it and you can go ahead to use snapchat without sharing your location if you don’t want to