How To Secure Your Android Phone From Being Hacked

In this article, we will be talking about how to secure your Android smartphone from being hacked by hackers who want to steal your informations or take a peak into your Android. You will agree with me that technology has really helped our day to day life but there are many people out there who tends to use technology the wrong way. In today’s world, hacking is a pretty constant thing and hacking is now most prevalent in smartphone OS and we have often heard about hackers hacking this and hacking that and you will also agree with me that no one enjoys being hacked. Inorder to secure your Android phone from being hacked, keep reading as we tell you how to secure Android phone from being hacked.

A hacker can easily access your private data through your Android device, he can use your personal details as a proofs in the different site and also use them in social media networks for humiliation. Hackers can access your bank accounts details and password of your accounts and when that’s done, you don’t need anyone to tell you what will happen. Hackers can also hack your device to spy on your daily activities and can have your complete activity log.

How To Secure Android Phone From Being Hacked

Avoid Third Party App: Avoid third party apps you don’t really know much about. Any apps downloaded from unofficial sites can cost you issues as most of them can come with tiny little virus script which can do huge harm to your Android once it has its way. No doubt you can get some paid applications free but there are many viruses in them. Download thired party app from trusted sites or better is to withdraw third party Installation and  use only official sites like Google Play Store to download the file.

Browse Safely: Always browse with your Android smartphone in a secured way. It is better to use a VPN that helps you to browse securely. Also, you can use some of the apps that help you to browse privately, if you notice any suspicious thing in a site you are browsing with your phone, quit the browser and clear its data and cache.

Use Data Encryption Settings: Data encryption which can be found in your device settings is another way to secure your Android phone from being hacked. The best way to secure your Android is to encrypt all the securities with powerful passkeys. This will considerably help you to protect your Android from and unauthorized access and all your data and privacy will be secured by this.

Don’t Store Your Password In Any App: In Android, separate app sync with each other so don’t save your password in any of third party app as this can be easily cracked by any other app. Also avoid apps used for storing passwords.

Don’t use public/Free Wi-Fi: Always remember that the free wifi can cost you something as hackers can easily bypass all securities through this wifi and easily hack your Android and access your personal data. If you must use free Wi-Fi, ensure to secure your Android phone inorder to prevent hackers from getting to it.

Utilize Android’s Built-in Security: Making use of Android built-in security measures is another best way on how to secure Android phone from being hacked. You can make use of Android built-in security system to avoid getting hacked or unauthorized usage of your Android phone. Thanks to tech. Android different built-in security measures which you can choose from various screen lock options like password, pin, pattern, face recognition, fingerprint.

All this security measures helps to tighten your Android phone security. If you are setting pins or pattern make sure to make it as hard as possible so that hackers can have the hard time guessing your password/pin. When using fingerprint or facial recognition security, ensure to attach pin, pattern or password to it as fingerprint or facial recognition might be bypassed by hackers. Avoid using birth date as password or pin.

Don’t Save Passwords in Browsers: We tend to save our passwords on online services and sites and also in our very own browsers. However, have you ever thought if any hacker got your phone in their hands then he could access all the accounts with the help of saved passwords? Or exploring different measures to access your saved passwords? Ensure not to save all of your important passwords in online services, sites or even on your browsers.

Always Keep The Software Of Your Device Updated: Taking software update important is one among the list on how to secure Android phone from being hacked. There are reasons why developers bring out new latest updates and one among that reason could be security. New update of Android always come with  some new feature and with the fixing of the bug that might be present in the previous versions and if you don’t update the device to latesr version, then hackers might use that bug and can hack your Android.

Delete Browser History/Cache And Data Regularly: The history and cache can store the cookies that might be containing your personal login details so better is to remove them regularly.

Turn Off Bluetooth: Always turn off your bluetooth when not using it as device can easily get hacked through the bluetooth, so better is to make the Bluetooth off than keeping it ON when not using it. Hackers have the various methods to hack into your device and Bluetooth is one of them.

So guys, there is our sure ways on how to secure Android phone from being hacked. No one enjoys being hacked and if you value data and informations contained in your Android smartphone, by all possible means, secure it because it might save you that “had i known feelings”. If you have other ways on how to secure Android phone from being hacked, lets read about it via the comment below.

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