New Method – How To Download Movies From Showbox Using TubeMate

Recently we shared an article on how to download movies on showbox using advanced download manager apk app (adm) which incercepts downloading from showbox and accelerate downloading speed by several times, you can see the article here if you missed it. Showbox closed that loop with its updates thereby making it difficult to use adm to download showbox movies. Aside that, showbox also made restrictions to servers, movies and tv shows quality such as 360p, 480p and 720p not selectable to most regions thereby making it even difficult for most regions to download their needed movies or series from showbox. See below screenshot

how to download movies from showbox
Showbox movies Quality format not selectable

In this article, i will be sharing with you newest method on how to download movies from showbox using tubemate apk app and also choosing any quality format (360p, 480p, 720p) of your choice as usual. Tubemate is an app used in downloading any YouTube’s files easily and in this tutorial, we will be using tubemate to intercept downloading from showbox which will deliver faster download compared to showbox default downloader. Before reading further, download and install the following needed apps to your Android phone. This new method requires no root, so do not panick


When it comes to best Android app to download or stream movies and tv shows, Showbox maintain its number one position in the list because of its simplicity, easy to navigate, fine UI and frequent updates of latest movies and tv shows. ShowBox is one of the best alternatives that you can find on Android to watch and download movies and series. Its interface is simple and intuitive, and the amount of content that’s offered is colossal. This new method on how to download movies from showbox will enable download movies and tv series of your choice, bypassing restrictions set by showbox.

How To Download Movies From showbox Using TubeMate

Granted you have downloaded the (3) required apps and also installed to your Android phone, do the following which is pretty simple:

#1. Download and install turbo vpn app, launch it and select any region of your choice, USA preferably

#2. Now, downloadn and install showbox and then launch showbox and select any movie or tv series of your choice.

  • For instance i want to download “Transformer: The Last knight” and have selected it as seen from below image. Notice the movie quality is now selectable
Movie quality format now selectable

#3. Now, choose any quality (360p,480p,720p) of your choice and then

#4. Now, click on the 3dot option menu and change from “Android Player” to “Other Player” as seen from below image.

Ensure to select “Other Player”

#5. Now, click on “Close” and then click on “Watch Now”.

#6. After clicking on Watch Now, a small window will come up, now select “TubeMate” and proceed to download from there.

Select TubeMate

#7. After that, your download will begin and you can now sit and relax while waiting for it to finish

Showbox Movie nowdownloading on TubeMate with great speed

NOTE: Ensure to activate Turbo Vpn app and select the right region before going to launch showbox for downloads.

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