Google Wants To Edit Your Shots Before You Have Taken Them

Photo editing software often enhances a smartphone’s limited hardware, but what if those shots could be edited automatically in real time before snapping? The tech giant Google is always looking to innovate and make our day to day life easier with the help of its many innovations. Now it seems that Google is focusing on the mobile photographic section more than ever and together with scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is working to create a new algorithm that allows you to retouch and improve the photographs before we take them with our smartphone, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

With all this, the tech giant Google’s main objective is that the cameras of our smartphones take the best captures and record the best videos possible before even driving the camera, regardless of whether the weather or light conditions are the best.

Although the great Google had already been long in the task of making our photos look the best possible without the need for us to be professionals, the technical limitations come into play here and not all the devices on the market have of a camera with the proper characteristics.

As we said before, the tech giant Google is in the process of developing certain algorithms for automatic learning, to improve in real time an image before taking it, so that the photo appears on the screen retouched but without having taken the photo.

As for improving and retouching, the tech giant Google refers to optimizing the light in the image, the color balance, as well as focus, among other parameters. Something simple to explain, but in theory, it is really difficult to implement due to the limitations of current technology.

This entails making use of artificial intelligence more than ever. To do this, the tech giant Google has contributed to the existing database of neural networks more than 5,000 images, made and edited by five professional photographers, to develop artificial intelligence that can be adjusted to each image in a certain way.

Although Google has not yet set a date for the launch of this tool. However, currently, it is well known that the tech giant Google is investing a lot of money and resources on it. So, if we continue like this, it would not be surprising that we can enjoy it in a not very long period of time.