Download Latest Version GBWhatsapp v5.80

latest GBwhatsapp v5.80 is here — GBWhatsapp is by far the best whatsapp mod for all users of whatsapp. This mod is more advanced compared to the original whatsapp version and comes with lots of cool advanced features, customization, lovely UI and much more improvements compared to the original whatsapp version. With Gbwhatsapp, you can easily run and use two (dual) whatsapp account in your Android smartphone without any complication and I’ve been using GBWhatsapp for a long time now and i must say, i have no regrets. As a matter of fact, i can’t even remember how the original stock whatsapp looks like.

latest gbwhatsapp v5.80

I highly recommend this mod for all whatsapp users because its of outstanding features, anti-ban and customization which includes:

  • Disable calls for Specific Contacts.
  • Video Calling
  • Send Gif Images.
  • Use 2 (dual) Whatsapp account in 1 Android  phone
  • Selfie Flash added.
  • Hide Last Seen for Specific Contacts.
  • Send Link to Join Whatsapp Group Publically.
  • Ban proof, No Issue of Ban your Account.
  • Now you can send a broadcast to 600 people instead of 250 people.
  • Supports calls, No Worries about calling feature.
  • Hide your ( last seen ) Without any problem in One Click.
  • Privacy mods like Hiding Second Tick etc.
  • Themes mods, Apply any Theme of your Choice from Inbuilt Theme Store or create and customise yours
  • Theme Server ( to download/use themes )
  • Change ticks/bubbles Style Mod according to your own choice.
  • Counter statistics for groups.
  • Media preview without loading, much advanced and better than original WhatsApp.
  • Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen so no worries about your last seen showing in other people’s device.
  • And much more

Basically, you can customize gbwhatsapp app to your taste to make your chatting more fun and enjoyable, something you can’t do with the orignal boring whatsapp. The interesting part is that We can also use gbwhatsapp with our original WhatsApp together, meaning we will be able to use 2 Whatsapp Accounts quickly in our one Android Device. GBWhatsapp has been around for a long time now and it remains the Best whatsapp MOD ever which you can install on your rooted and non-rooted Android device.

What’s New In Latest GBWhatsapp v5.80?

  • New Updated Base to 2.17.223 (Playstore)
  • Super Exclusive Message Scheduler (Open Options on Main Screen & Select Message Scheduler)
  • Added in Exclusive Way Ability to Change Fonts (App Size Remains the Same as We have made it Online for Selecting Fonts) (Mod 11) (For first time, it will take bit time)
  • Exclusive Toast When Anyone Views your Status/Story (Mod 2.5.8)
  • Ability to send multiple videos at the same time
  • Added Doodle (Now add edit pics with emojis & text) when choose pic from Gallery
  • Updated Now Status/Story will directly download when click on download
  • Added View all Status as a list (go to Status Tab and click Options)
  • Added Option to Change Mention Color in Chat Screen (Mod 1.2.58)
  • Added Option to Change Mention Color on Main Screen (Mod 2.2.36)
  • Added Option to Change Color of Broadcast List when Forward Msg (Mod 2.4.15)
  • Added Option to Change Color of Broadcast Icon (Mod 1.2.59)
  • Added Option to Change Color of Unread Message in Chat Screen (Mod 1.2.59 to Mod 1.2.61)
  • Fixed WAMOD Entry Style
  • Other Fixes

Free Download and install GBWhatspp version 5.80 and enjoy using whatsapp with style to chat with your friends and loved ones // While you do so, DON’T forget to share this article

How To Install And Use 2 (dual) Whatsapp Account

Installing GBwhatsapp and running dual whatsapp account in your phone is pretty simple and it goes like this:

  1. From your original whatsapp, backup your chats
  2. Now, download and install latest GBWhatsapp v5.80 to your phone. Don’t worry, it won’t overide the other
  3. Now after installing latest Gbwhatsapp v5.80, simply set it up as usual, this time using another phone number of your choice
  4. After that, customize it to your test or leave it the way it is