5 Useful Tips To Take Better Photos At Night With Your Android Phone

You will agree with me taking pictures using our smartphone is something we tend to do almost every day of the week as we engage our self with the activities of the day. The camera app in our smartphone is one among the most used app in our smartphone to capture every nice moment as it comes. As mobile technology raises each day, manufacturers tends to build stronger and feature rich hardware inorder to satisfy users trends and demands. One among the major hardware aspects for any smartphone that really pays the end users is the Camera quality of the device which makes smartphone manufacturers focus a lot more on making a sharp and awesome quality camera that could override the compact camera needs. It does mean that the camera should do well in the lit conditions as well as low light conditions. Regarding low or poor quality result when taking pictures in low light condition, read on as we outline tips to take better photos at night With your Android phone.

With all the focus and attention smartphone makers put in implementing a good camera quality in a low light photography, the photo result when taken sometimes doesn’t come out clear and good in low light as expected by the user. Having that in mind, we will be talking about tips to take better photos at night with your Android Phone.

1.  ISO: You possibly might have seen this feature that is actually present in most of the camera apps.

Tips To Take Better Photos At Night With Your Android

By setting the level of this feature the sensibility or the sensitivity of the camera sensor increases or decreases hence it opts to capture more or less light

Try to increase the value of ISO to increase the amount of light capture and details in low light conditions.

2.  Flashlight: This is the hardware that is made to support the camera in low light conditions.

But the thing here is that the light from the bad camera flashes of smartphones interacts with the photo clarity. Keeping it turned off should produce better results.

3. Turn-On HDR: The high dynamic range or the HDR feature recognizes the different light intensities inside the frame and then tries to dynamically balance the whole output.

In low light scenes, this features competitively helps to take better clicks!

4. Shutter Speed:

The speed at which the camera takes the picture is a really important factor. More the time the camera will take to capture the images the more will be the details captured and the light intensity will also be generally good.

5. Use Additional Gadget: The add-on lights and small OTG flashes could help to intensify the quality of the default camera hardware this producing great image results.

Tips To Take Better Photos At Night With Your Android

There are portable flashes, lights,otg dispersers etc type of accessories or gadgets available for smartphones!

6. Image Editing: This is the last solution but believes that this truly works. Sometimes the camera of devices capture good details in low light conditions but due to less image processing technology, those details don’t come above as sharp images. The image editing here helps a lot to process the details from the images clicked in low light conditions!

7. Good Camera App: The different camera apps process the images differently and also they detect the images in varying ways.

Try to utilize the best camera app for night photography and it could actually help you transform your clicks into great ones.

Now it’s up to you how you utilize these features or you just like to go with the automatic capturing of images.