10 Best Android Launcher App – August 2017

In this article, we will be looking at top 10 best Android launcher app that you need to try in your device to give it a new fresh beautiful look. With each day release of new apps and updates which makes Android quality more efficient, Android has become the best popular platform for smartphones as well as tablets and till date, the Android apps market have vast number of apps availability for users. No one can search and progress through so many apps to look for the quality of each app! Yet according to user reviews and number of downloads to quality of apps, we have found the best apps on Android under a specific category.

The category is the launcher apps, which are the apps that totally replaces the home screen UI and some other added functions. This launcher apps are unique in different ways as it gives users a whole new different ui and feel compared to the device stock launcher app ui. keep reading as we outline top 10 best Android launcher (s) app for you to download, install and give your Android device a whole new beautiful look.

Top 10 Best Android Launcher Apps – August 2017

Below, we have compiled list of top 10 Android launcher apps for your device customization. This list was carefully selected according to users reviews, ratings and downloads.

1.  Nova Launcher: Personally, i am a big fan of nova launcher, been using this app for up to 2 years now and since i gave it a trial, i choosed not to let go of it. Whenever the best android launcher apps are being discussed, Nova Launcher always maintain its number one position. Indeed it places on the top of the list every time.

best android launcher

The reason is quite simple, it provides exceptional customization options to the users and the performance is superbly smooth. With its reach features, nova launcher is also lite, adding no extra work to your device ram. Download Nova Launcher and enjoy all it have to offer.

2. Apex Launcher: The smallest launcher apps that contain almost every function that any professional launcher could provide. It is unique to see that how this small launcher manages to provide too many features.

Fantastic app that has the potential to give your phone a complete makeover and even with lots of customization, Apex Launcher feels super fast. Download and Install Apex Launcher

3. Yahoo Aviate Launcher: An intelligently made launcher that can stick to best widgets without any iterations.

Probably it could be your full-time launcher app because it has a nice clean design with professional interface, functions!  Download and install Yahoo Aviate Launcher

4. Google Pixel Launcher: Pixel Launcher is the home screen experience for the Pixel and Pixel XL phones by Google. Personalized information from Google is just a swipe away. Google pixel launcher is the newest type of launcher that we believe everyone must try once.

best android launcher

The design of this launcher is based on the UI of Google Pixel OS that was specifically made for the pixel devices only. Download and install Google Pixel Launcher

5. Buzz Launcher: This launcher is another best Android launcher i have used. It is the king of Android launchers which have the style that can be totally changed through using other fine themes from the store.

It is likely a storehouse of numerous different looking launchers that you install in a single launcher package. Believe that our customization is your deal then you can never find a better launcher app than this! Download and install Buzz Launcher

6. Launcher 8 WP Style: For lovers windows style ui, this launcher app instantly changes the device to Windows UI after installation, giving features and behaviors will be according to the Windows 8.

Download and install Launcher 8 WP

7. ADW Launcher 2: The smart professional launcher that is all available for free of cost. With tons of customization options, the users can make their defense look insane through this launcher.

Talking about the performance of this launcher it is nothing laggy, but everything flows buttery smooth! Download and install ADW Launcher 2

8. Evie Launcher: Another best android launcher is the Evie launcher. It is considered to be the smoothest launcher that you can ever find.

The package of this app can easily describe the battery consumption of the launcher. This could be easily determined as the sleek and minimal looking launcher that is perfect for easy users. Download and install Evie Launcher

9. Action Launcher 3: As the name implies, action launcher 3 is really different looking launcher app that has amazing features.

The users can install numerous themes on this launcher so as to give out a whole new look. For those people who want everything to be accessed quickly, this launcher can do that perfectly. Download and install Action Launcher 3

10. ASAP Launcher: Clean and sleek launcher app that contains not many functions but provides every feature on the efficient way out.

There are no extra features like swipe menus, screen widgets etc but the whole launcher is a blend of a clean interface. Download ASAP Launcher

There is our top 10 best android launcher app you can download and give your device a whole new look. Sometimes, device default launcher could be so boring and you will agree with me its not bad to give your device a fresh new look without having to do a hard tweaking using software. Having top quality apps installed in your device makes using your device more fun and cool.