Vivo unveils Under-Display fingerprint scanner on their newest Vivo Xplay 6 smartphone

Vivo beats competitors to the punch by unveiling Under-Display fingerprint scanner on their newest Vivo Xplay 6 smartphone


Gone are the days when it use to be either Apple or Samsung that will always come up with the newest and most amazing innovations. These days, other young brands you wouldn’t expect are coming up with great innovations that are carving their niche in the smartphone industry.

This time, the much-anticipated feature was found on Vivo’s newest Smartphone, the Vivo Xplay 6. Vivo just unveiled the first Smartphone with an under-display fingerprint scanner. Before now, rumors have it that Apple has been exploring under the screen fingerprint scanners, but nobody expected Vivo to be the first company to come up with it.

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This technology was made available by Qualcomm but Vivo worked it into a Smartphone first. At MWC shanghai, Qualcomm announced its latest ultrasonic fingerprint solution, with the new highlights being its integration underneath Oled displays up to 1.2mm thick and also working fine when under the water.

The technology uses Piezoelectrics to send ultrasonic waves through the display glass to read fingerprints. Qualcomm allowed Xiaomi get their previous generation of “Sense ID” solution which they used on their Mi 5s, but this time, the SoC maker allowed Vivo get this one first.

The Vivo Xplay6 came fitted with Qualcomm’s under-display fingerprint scanner. For the phone to unlock while under the water, Vivo applied the same ultrasonic tech to a spot on the back of the phone. So, even with wet hands, the technology on the phone can still work.

Soon, the fingerprint scanner which is almost becoming a norm on every new Smartphone will find its way from the back or from the home button to the screen. But before then, let us allow Vivo to beat its senior competitors to the punch on this one.