Some Hidden iPhone Features You Never Knew

The iPhone is an impressive tool with hundreds of brilliant features, but there is a myriad of hidden features and tricks that you may not have realised existed – until now. Here, we’ve picked our favourite iPhone tips and tricks that can help you achieve things quicker and easier, and you’ll wish you’d known about them a long time ago.


Improve Network Signal By Knowing Where Exactly Network Is

Type  *3001#12345#*  into your iPhone’s dialler and hit call to launch the hidden Field Mode tool. This sub-surface menu turns your bar chart-based signal indicator into a far more straightforward numerical-based signal signifier. Got a score of -50? Then you’ll be enjoying HD video streams on the move. Down around -120, though, and you’ll struggle to send a text. Just follow the numbers to better signals.

Custom Replies For Missed Calls

If someone calls and you can’t answer, iOS comes with a few stock text responses which can be sent with a single tap, but it’s actually possible to create your own. Go to Settings > Phone > Respond With Text to create your own message.

Creating A Custom Vibration For Individual Contacts

From the Settings app go to, Sounds → Ringtone → Vibration → Create New Vibration.

Tap out a vibration pattern with your finger, then give it a name and save it. The iPhone will make this the default vibration for every notification, so make sure you change it back before leaving the Settings app.

Next, go to your contacts and edit the one you want to set a vibration for. You’ll see an empty “Vibration” field under their ringtone. Select the one you created and from now on your iPhone will vibrate that specific way whenever they call or text you.

Map That Shows Each Location You’ve Visited With Your iPhone

From the Settings app, go to Privacy → Location Services and scroll all the way to the bottom. Then tap System Services → Frequent Locations.

Where you’ve been will be grouped into cities, and you can tap each city to see a map with detailed logs of where you were at what time and for how long.

Make Flashlight Blink For Calls And Messages

Go to General → Accessibility and then enable “LED Flash for Alerts.”

Swipe Right For ‘Backward’

For iPhone-owning Android converts, living without a dedicated back button can be a difficult adjustment to make. While the iPhone might not have an ever-present command to put things in reverse, there is a simple way to head in the wrong direction. Within a number of apps – from Safari to Mail, via Messages – swiping from left to right on the screen will send you back to the previous page or menu. Who needs a dedicated button when you’ve got a more elegant solution?

Know How Long You’ve Been Waiting For A Reply

We’ve all been there: endlessly rechecking our phones for a text reply, wondering how long it’s been since we sent our message of love/ ransom demand. There’s an easy way to find out, though – simply swipe in from the right-hand side of the screen when in a messaging thread, to show precise delivery times for every message sent and received. True: it’s not as morale-beating as WhatsApp’s blue ticks, but it will still give you a complex over why it’s taking over 42 minutes for your other half to reply. Do affairs really take that long?

Control Your iPhone By Tilting Your Head

From the Settings app, go to General → Accessibility → Switch Control and enable it. The select Switches and add a new camera switch.

For the left or right head movement option, select an action you want the movement to control, like replicating your home button.

Now blue bars will appear around the frame of your iPhone’s display. Your iPhone’s selfie camera will recognize your face and center the bars when your head is perfectly placed in the middle of the screen. Then just tilt your head to the left or right to launch the corresponding action.