How To Install Xposed Framework On Android Smartphone


Are you new to Xposed framework and how it works or what it does to your Android smartphone? Let me briefly tell you about it. Xposed Framework adds support for tons of modules which allows you to add new features, options and also further customise your Android device to your taste. Xposed is one of the best things happened to the Android OS. Its also one of the reasons, many people unlock and root their device so as to tweak and make their Android phone look different from others. The level of customizability it offers to both stock and custom Android OS is extensive and rewardable. You might say custom roms are already customized, i’ll say try adding Xpose framework and modules to it and see how it spies things up. In this page, I’m going to show you two easy method on how to Install Xposed framework on Android smartphone.

Xposed Framework is the most powerful tool that Android user must try after rooting their Android. Xposed Framework can be better compared as a Cydia for iOS with the help of which you can add lots of new features to your device. The Xposed installer provides a platform to run lots of cool tweaks on your Android device. Till now we had discussed lots of tweaks that you can do after installing Xposed Framework. So have a look on the complete guide for installing Xposed Framework on your Android.


  • Your phone must be rooted  and TWRP or any other custom recovery installed
  • Xposed Installer Apk.
  • Xposed Framework.

Method 1 – How To Install Xposed Framework On Android Smartphone By Flashing Zip

#1. To use and run Xpose installer, framework and its modules, your Android phone must be rooted.

#2. Now  you need to check your CPU architecture to get the perfect Xposed framework for you and for this you will use app Hardware Info.

#3. After that, you need to download and install custom recovery file meant for your android phone, you can search Google for custom recovery such as TWRP recovery for your specific device and how to install it to your device.

#4. Now you have to select and download the zip file of the Xposed framework according to your CPU architecture and you can get Xposed Framework zip from here.

#5. Now flash this zip file through your Android recovery. And when the zip is being flashed, then simply reboot your device.

Now you will have Xposed Installer installed on your device and now you can try lots of cool tweaks on your Android. If the above method doesn’t work for you or you are facing any compatibility issue then you can go for the below method.

Method 2 – Installing Xposed Installer Directly From Apk

#1. First of all, you need to download the latest Xposed Framework installer app.

#2.  Now install the Xposed Installer app from your app drawer. Once opened, you will see the screen like below. Select Framework.

#3. Now you need to tap on “Install/Update” button.

#4. Now you might have to wait for few seconds until you see the “Superuser request” simply Grant it.

#5. The framework will install by itself and once done, you will see the screen like below. Simply tap on OK.

#6. Now simply reboot your phone for changes to take effect.

now you have successfully install Xposed installer and its framework to your Android device, there are pretty cool Xposed Modules to customize and tweak your Android phone the way you want it