Google Launches New App Called ‘Triangle’ To Save Data

Google has launched a new app to save mobile data from being wasted unnecessarily. Triangle is the new app launched by Google to save mobile data as of being wasted from needlessly. The app is currently being tested at Philippines, most of the features will work only for Globe and Smart prepaid users.

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The app is invented mainly to those areas where using mobile data makes a big deal. This app makes the essential utilization of mobile app as available. The Triangle app checks the current data usage available, checks the data balance. It has a feature called  Data Saver which blocks the unwanted data usage that is being utilized.

This app also lets you to set a time-frame for a particular app that uses the data. The user can set a time-frame for particular time period of using the data. As the time period gets over, the data will not be utilized through the app. For Globe and Smart prepaid users it allows to download and try new apps without taking over the dead line of available data. This feature is available only for apps like Waze and Mobile Legends as for now.

This app also gives a 100 MB of free data for the new users as welcome gift at Philippines. The registration process is made out for every user and as for the new users a free data of 100 MB is available now. The app is mentioned as “Get the most out of your mobile data pack. Triangle is a new app being tried out in the Philippines that helps you better manage your data usage and block unwanted background data. Globe and Smart prepaid users: earn 100’s of extra MBs with data rewards from apps such as Mobile Legends and Waze, and more. Receive a 100MB welcome gift after completing registration.”