Fix For Possible Reasons You Can’t Install Apps In Your Android Phone

If you’re having problems installing apps on your Android device, it could be due to one of the following issues. At some point when trying to install app on our Android device, we end up getting “app not installed” error which could be so annoying especially when we realise that the same app installed and worked perfectly in our friend’s device or worked on our previous Android phone.

Personally I have experienced such and so far i was able to find a fix for it. And since Android evolves around us and i know many must have encountered such when trying to install an app to their Android phone but got “app not installed” error, i decided to drop this article. So, let’s check out the problems and how to fix

1. Your Android phone doesn’t have enough storage left

This is one among the reason we do get “app not installed” when trying to install an app to our Android phone. If this is the case, simply check your device available space.
You can check this by going to phone Settings and then storage. But if your device storage says you still have enough space left to contain more new apps, then try other approach

2. Your phone’s cache could be causing the problem

If you downloaded the app from play store and then you get “app not installed” error, clear Google Play Store’s cache and data on from your Android device and try downloading and installing the app again.

To clear cache go to  Settings → Apps, Google Play Store, scroll down and tap on clear data. Just below that, you should see clear cache. Clearing the Play Store’s cache could solve the problem

3. Your Android OS is too old and needs updating or upgrade

This is another case where you can get “app not installed” error. Some apps will only work with later OS updates while almost all apps works with any Android OS.  Trying updating your phone if there is an update or upgrade for it and then attempt to install the app again.

You can check for update by going to Settings, About and then System Updates. Check Update. Or Flash Tcard or Flash Rom Update. If no update is available for your device, installing a custom rom meant for your device will probably fix things up for you. Your phone’s operating system may need an update

4. A factory reset of your phone may fix the problem

In most cases, resetting your Android device might solve the problem. Before you do that though, make sure everything important on your phone has been backed up into your sd card so that you can recover it after the reset.

To reset your phone, go to Settings, Backup & reset, and then press Reset.

5. You’re using a screen dimming app

It’s quite common to use an app to adjust your screen’s brightness or the colour of its light. If you are using an app like this, it may be the reason you aren’t able to install Android apps. If you’re seeing the Install button but can’t click on it, this is most likely the problem you are having.

The reason for this is the way these screen dimming apps work. In order to adjust your screen’s output, the app actually adds an additional graphic element on top of your ordinary display. When your phone detects this, it disables the Install  button. This is a security measure designed to protect you from malicious software. If it didn’t do this, malware could use an overlay to trick you into doing anything it wanted.

Disabling the screen-dimming app should fix the problem. Once you have installed the app you want, you can enable the screen-dimming app again, and enjoy your Android.

6. Downloading and installing app’s old version

I realised there are some old version apps who don’t go very well with latest Android OS. In the case of Marshmallow OS, i experienced “app not installed” after upgrading from lollipop to marshmallow and then tried to reinstall my favorite apps which i kept its raw files in my sd card. Some apps installed while some was telling me “app not installed”. But after downloading those apps latest version, it ended up installing flawlessly. I experienced another after upgrading from marshmallow to nougat, some of my apps refused to install but after search for its latest version, it worked. Always ensure you download app’s latest version.

7. Corrupted app or apk file

This is most common with apps downloaded from outside Google Play Store. The app is either corrupted or incompletely downloaded or copied as the case maybe.

Double check the apk files you download and be sure they were completely copied or downloaded.

8. Apk signature/certificate clash

Installing another version of an app (with a different signed certificate) on the same device will probably result in this error. Installing an unsigned app could also result in this error. This error is very common when trying to install batman telltale game apk file or the latest walking dead game by telltale. I recently installed batman telltale series apk and data which i was so enjoying the game afterwards, later i downloaded the latest walking dead game by telltale and attempted to install but got “app not installed” error.

After uninstalling batman telltale to see if it’s the reason, i tried installing the latest walking dead game and it installed flawlessly. I tried installing batman telltale apk file again, but it refused to install. Apk signature clash was indeed the reason


Cases like when you launch an app and it quickly pop up “unfortunately app has stopped” can also be as a result of not updating such apps to its latest version. Check if such apps have its latest version and then try and download and reinstall. It works.