Tips To Protect Your Smartphone From Rain

The rainy season comes with its pros and cons, apart from not being able to move around comfortably. Ever since smartphones became a major part of everyone’s lifestyle, the rain can be seen as a threat towards keeping your phone in a perfect condition. During the rainy season, a lot of people damage their smartphones as the rain drops sometimes find its way into smartphones through the open ports.


So when the sky turns dark and the streets get wet and you still need to enter the rain, Here are some basic tips to protect your smartphone.

Get A Waterproof Case: A waterproof cover provides the ultimate protection so you can use your phone without any worries. While looking for new covers, look for a waterproof cover that encloses the ports as well.

Don’t Use The Phone Unnecessarily: Most smartphone users are in constant habit of checking their smartphones after every few minutes for no reason at all. This increases the risk of getting your phone wet or even dropping in the flood.

Use A Headset: If you must use receive a call on your smartphone, use a Bluetooth/ Wireless Headsets. This tip is very helpful so as to keep your smartphone protected from rain drop.

In Case the phone gets wet, you can apply the following tips:

Don’t Charge The Phone: When you charge a wet phone, it might result in a short-circuit. This will fry the internal circuit and the connections on the main board and it might eventually damage the phone.

Use A Bowl Of Uncooked Rice: As soon as your phone gets wet, immediately power it off, wipe and drain excess water, remove the battery, SIM/SD card and store it in a bowl of uncooked rice. Leave it in the bowl of rice for a couple of days so as to draw the moisture out completely.

If you are unsure whether your phone has become completely dry or not, then you might want to visit a phone technician nearest to you.