5 Reasons Why Android Phone Is Better Than iPhone

The controversy surrounding the topic of “which is best between Android phone and iPhone” can not be overemphasized. I could remember years back, the rival was between Android and Blackberry but now that BB is completely defeated and fazed out of the competition, focus now turn to Android and PC. While some people claim that iPhone is the best because of its security and classy appearance and design, many others believes that Android is far more better. So here I’m going to outline four main reasons why most smartphone users prefer Android devices.

Although Android phones seems to be more popular in Africa, Asia and some countries in the Middle East, but in developed countries like the United States and Britain, iPhone rules. But in Nigeria, the truth is most people that uses iPhone do so in order to be seen as happening guys or babes as they don’t even know what to do with it. Some iPhone fanboys buys it to feel among. Imagine! Anyway let’s look at why Android is still better than iPhone.

1. Easy File Sharing With Other Devices: Trust me, iPhone is a stingy device. In a normal situation, you can not share files from an iPhone to another device which isn’t iOS powered. Though Apple intentionally did this for security reasons to limit the exposure to malware and viruses, I think the bad effect is becoming more uncomfortable for some people hence they prefer Android phones where you can freely share files and even connect to PC easily.

With an Android phone, I can easily receive files from other device using Bluetooth or file sharing apps. For instance, my very good friend and Admin to contechsblog can easily share “His Wedding Party Video” from his chinko phone to my Android phone through bluetooth whereby reverse is the case on an iPhone..lols

Even To connect to a computer requires the itunes Software whereas, all an Android phone need is a working USB Cord. It’s honestly one of the turn offs for iOS devices for the average user.

2. Tweaking And Multitasking: Another reason why Android phone is better than iPhone is the ability to tweak, the flexibility in customization even without rooting the device. In fact, new Android OS like the Marshmallow and Nougat allows users to tweak and get most of those features you normally get on rooted devices.

Manipulating and customizing Android is more easier than on iOS powered device where you must jailbreak the device in order to customize even a simple theme. Android offers all sorts of widgets that you can put onto your home screens. These widgets might be anything from a custom clock, weather, alarms, direct calls to contacts in your phone, flashlight, email, messages, and so much more. You can arrange these any which way on your home screens and have your home screens be exactly the way you want them.

Multitasking has also been around on Android for a while, and it’s extremely easy to use. You simply open up the multitask window and you can drag two apps that you want to have going at the same time in the appropriate boxes (see the picture above). For example, I am watching a YouTube video while accessing my file system at the same. Perhaps you want to watch a lecture video while taking notes right below the video? Or, watch a video while texting your friends? Go for it.

Apple finally came out with the ability to multitask, however it is only somewhat useful on iPads, and not implemented very well. Since Android has had multitasking for so long and do it so well, they still take the cake over iOS.

3. Faster OS and System Updates: Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is an open source OS that gives other manufacturers the ability to make devices with the OS unlike iPhone which are only made by Apple! Different brands now produce phones with customized features embedded in the Android OS and as such release updates on frequent basis. For instance, some Samsung phones receives system update and OS update on frequent basis to fix some bugs and also bring along new features.

Though Apple also release iOS updates but Android is faster from Android 4 known as kitkat, Android 5 (Lollilop), Android 6 (Marshmarllow), Android 7 (Nougat) and now Android 8 is almost around corner and all these happening within a short space of time.

4. Affordability: You will agree with me that iOS devices are far more expensive than their Android counterparts. If you’re thinking of getting an iPhone, you’ll need to prepare an amount of 100k to 200k and above whereby you can get an Android phone with just #20,000! Yet, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to enjoyment ooh.

5. The Google Play Store: Google play store is so fantastic and well laid out, extremely user-friendly, and offers about any type of app that you can think of. They just changed the layout to a very nice UI when you click on an app in the Play Store that you can see with the right-most “Instagram” picture above. It’s easy to read, they show the users what they want to see, and it’s visually appealing. I have used both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store quite a bit. They’re both very good app stores — better than Amazon’s App Store that’s for sure.

That’s not where the advantage comes in for Android, however. The advantage here is that submitting an app to the Google Play Store is much easier than going through the Apple App Store. Yes, that is because Apple goes through a tedious process of checking your app that you are submitting to make sure it follows their guidelines. This may prevent malware from being downloaded via an app, but that’s not even half of it. Apple will deny your app from getting into the app store if you do something as silly as using their “chevron” symbol incorrectly. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen. So, no, it’s not just about preventing malware… it’s about making your app perfect in Apple’s eyes.

On the other hand, it is much easier to submit your Android-built app to the Google Play Store. You don’t have to go through half the stuff that you have to go through with Apple. This makes your life less stressful, and I like that.

In summary, iPhones are great smartphones with amazing security and beautiful design but the truth must be told, Android is still better and more preferable to the average phone user. Unless you are more concerned about malware attack and security lapses, then you should consider iPhone but don’t forget that some Android phone makers like Xiaomi, Samsung, Infinix, Tecno, Gionee and many more have started making phones with encrypted files thereby making it difficult to get attacked by malware and limit other security lapses. In fact Gionee M6 is tagged one of the most secured smartphones in the world today.