Xiaomi To Intergrate Ultrasonic Onscreen Fingerprint Sensor In Its Future Phones

The concept of on-screen fingerprint technology has been in news for many years in the smartphone ecosystem but the implementation has become a question mark due to few hassles that lied behind.

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Now, it seems that the Chinese smartphone technology giant, Xiaomi has a step forward in utilizing this technology in its future smartphones. According to the latest report, among the three forthcoming Xiaomi phones – Mi 7, Mi Mix 2 and Mi Note 3, one of them will feature the Ultrasonic on-screen fingerprint technology. Before Xiaomi integrates the feature, the company has to answer many issues that lie behind despite the huge advantages this technology offers.

Advantages of the Ultrasonic on-screen fingerprint technology:

The foremost advantage that is seen is that the concept of the completely bezel-less smartphone will come to limelight. The smartphone can be made ranging from a body-to-screen ratio of 98% to an almost 100%.

As the fingerprint sensor is placed on the display itself, there is no necessity that a dedicated home button should be placed on the smartphone.

The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner can be operated even with wet hands; That is, even more, special and advantageous.

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Disadvantages of the Ultrasonic on-screen fingerprint technology:

If there is no dedicated area for the fingerprint sensor, sometimes it will be disgusting for the user to locate the scanner area of the display.

As the display itself function as the scanner and as there is no dedicated area for the scanner, all the finger touches on the screen activates the scanner as well as the touch panel which may consume more power from the battery.

If any accidental damage happens to the display, the on-screen fingerprint sensor may also fail to function which can let the user fail to unlock the device.

My opinion! if Xiaomi smartphone company happens to integrate the on-screen fingerprint sensor on their upcoming phones, it might turn out to be a nightmare for the Korean company. Personally i don’t support this pattern of placing the fingerprint sensor on the screen of the phone