How To Upgrade Infinix S2 pro To Android Nougat 7.0

Recently Infinix rolled out Nougat 7.0 update for their devices to make users of such device to enjoy features of Nougat 7.0 on their phone. Today Infinix mobility has rolled out Nougat update for all Infinix s2 pro users to also have a taste of Nougat OS on their phone. Here in this article i will be showing you how to easily upgrade your Infinix S2 pro to official Android nougat 7.0.


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You should update your smartphone to the latest available version of the Android Operating System in order to enjoy the best features of the operating system. The simplest way to upgrade your smartphone is through theT-card method.

How to Upgrade Infinix S2 pro To Android Nougat 7.0

What You Need

★ Infinix s2 pro Nougat 7.0 T-Card Zip File:  Download
★ Micro-SD card with adequate space (at least 2GB)
★ Ensure your smartphone battery level is at least 80%

Download Infinix s2 pro stock firmware

NOTE: If your phone was rooted and custom recovery installed, do not attempt to use this guide in upgrading your Infinix S2 pro to nougat because it will crash or brick your device

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Step 1. Download Infinix S2 pro nougat 7.0 TCard file and copy the downloaded file to the root of the SD Card, i.e by root of the card, I mean SD/ not SD/Newfolder/

You can use a PC to copy the files, or alternatively use ES File Explorer

How to enable hidden floating windows on Android nougat 7.0

Step 2.  Go to phone Settings → About Phone → System Update, then tap on the three small dots at the top right side and select “Update from Local” and choose the t-card update you downloaded.

Alternative: Goto app menu, select “System Update” app, hit the 3 dot option located at top right and select “Update from local” and then find and choose your downloaded Infinix s2 pro nougat firmware and proceed to install.

Step 3.  At this point, your phone will reboot and upgrade your smartphone to Android nougat 7.0

Step 4. After upgrade is done, boot to recovery mode and wipe data/ cache to avoid any little issues. Then reboot phone

That’s it guys, your S2 pro will be up and running nougat 7.0 and you can now feel the difference between Android M and N. Enjoy

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