How to Upgrade Infinix Hot 4 to Android Nougat 7.0

To all users of Infinix hot 4 x557 who have been patiently waiting for Android nougat 7.0 upgrade for their Infinix hot 4 as previously announced by InfinixMobility.. I’m happy to tell it’s finally here and the wait is over.

Though the upgrade is a beta version which means it will be getting frequent ota updates till its finally stable to call it a daily drive. But what was the waiting for if not to test official Android nougat 7 on our Infinix hot 4 once its out.

How to upgrade Infinix Hot 4 pro to Android Nougat 7.0

Here in this article you will find Android nougat 7.0 flash and TCard firmware  for Infinix hot 4 x557 and also how to install it on your phone. So what are you waiting for?

How To Upgrade Infinix Hot 4 x557 To Android Nougat 7.0

For those who have not gotten the ota update from the their phone or prefer to download the upgrade and manually install, use below two methods which is TCard and Sp flashtool method to install Android nougat 7 OS to your Infinix hot 4.

TCard Method:

#1.  Download Android nougat 7.0 Os TCard firmware for Infinix hot 4 from below link to root of your Sd card

#2.  Goto your app menu to find “System Update” and open it

#3.  Now in system update, click on the 3dot option and click on “Update from local”

#4.  From there, locate your Infinix hot 4 Nougat 7 TCard firmware and click on it and proceed to install.

That’s it, your phone will go into recovery mode and install Android 7.0 upgrade to your Infinix hot 4 x557. Wait for it to finish

Recovery Method:

  1. Download TCard firmware from below and place in root of Sd CardN
  2. Nowswitch off your phone and boot to stock recovery mode by press and holding Volume Up + Power buttonI
  3. Inrecovery mode, navigate​ to “Update from SD” and select it.N
  4. Now navigate to where you placed firmware, select it and proceed to install.

Done, your phone will now start to install the nougat upgrade to your Infinix hot 4. Once done, reboot your phone and enjoy features of Nougat 7.0 on your Infinix hot 4

NOTE: If your phone was rooted and custom recovery installed, do  not attempt TCard method and recovery method because it will crash or brick your phone. Sp flashtool method is highly recommended if your phone was rooted.

How To Install Android Nougat 7.0 Firmware To Infinix Hot 4 Using Sp Flashtool.

To upgrade your Infinix hot 4 to official Android nougat 7.0 using sp flashtool, simply goto detailed guide on how to use sp flashtool to install or upgrade Infinix hot 4 x557 to Android nougat 7.0


Flash version X557-H807A1D1-N-170426V18 – Download

Tcard version X557-H807A1D1-N-170426V18 – Download

Below screenshots was taken after upgrading Infinix hot 4 x557 to Android nougat 7.0. Many features and functions has added compared to hot 4 on marshmallow OS.

Split screen