How To Flash CPB Format Stock Rom To Android Phone Using YGDP Tool

YGDP tool enables you install/ flash CPB format stock firmwares to your Android smartphone. Here in this page, we will be showing you how to use YGDP tool in installing your device stock rom which is in “cpb” format. The steps is very simple and easy.

Before we begin, ensure to install your device drivers to your PC.

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Step 1: Download the cpb format stock ROM firmware of your device and extract it to another folder in your computer.

Step 2: Now download YGDP Tool and install it on your Windows PC or Laptop. Once installed, launch YGDP Flash Tool Window. Now you will be asked to choose a username. Choose “Assembly” as username and enter “369” as password.

Step 3: In the YGDP Tool window, click on “Config” to open up “Download Configuration” settings.

Step 4: Now in the Download Configuration settings, click on the folder icon under “Please Select CPB File” and choose your firmware file. Once the firmware file is added, click on “Apply” to save changes.

Step 5: Next, switch off your device and remove its battery (if it is possible). Once done, connect your Android device to the computer using the original USB data cable.

Step 6: Now click on the “Start” button in YGDP Flash tool to launch the flashing process.

Step 7: It will take a minute or two for the flashing process to get completed and once it does, you will see the “Upgrade Successful” message as shown below.

That’s it. you have successfully flashed cpb format of your stock rom firmware using YGDP tool.