How To Enable Freeform Floating Windows Mode On Android Nougat 7.0

Android 7.0 Nougat brings a number of cool additions and features to Google’s mobile platform but the most noteworthy of the lot has to be the multi-window aka split-screen multitasking feature. Multi-window certainly revamps the way you multitask on Android, as it brings you the ability to run two apps side by side.

While the feature is super handy, we had really hoped for a more detailed multitasking solution with the ability to have freeform floating windows running on top of one another, like in Windows or macOS. Apparently, Google was indeed working on such an intricate multitasking solution and it’s included in the Nougat code. Well, the good news is, there is a way to enable that hidden floating window in Android Nougat.

In this context, i’m going to show you how to enable multi-windows mode in Nougat 7. As we already know, Android 7 on its own comes with split screen feature which enables user run two windows on their android phone but here in this article, we will be running more than two windows (floating style) in our Android device running on Nougat 7.0.

How To Enable Hidden Floating Window Mode In Android Nougat 7.0

#1. First, enable “Developers Option” on your Android phone running Nougat. Go to settings → about and tap “Build Number” upto seven times to enable developers option.

#2. After enabling developers option, go back to settings and enter “Developers Option”.

#3. In developers option, scroll to the bottom and turn-on “Force activities to be resizeable”. After that, restart your phone for changes to take effect.

#4. After the device boots up, head to the Google Play Store, download and install the Taskbar app (Free with in-app purchases).

#5. After the app is installed, launch and enable taskbar through the toggle. You will then see a drawer icon at the bottom left of the interface.

#6. Then, tap on the Taskbar drawer icon from the homescreen, which should show you a list of all your apps.

#7. Finally, you can just tap apps on the list to open them in freeform floating windows. You can move these app windows around, resize them and open them in full-screen.


That’s it, you can now enjoy multi-window mode on your Android nougat 7.0. Since this feature is not yet included in Nougat OS. Chances are Google might officially include this feature in upcoming Android O. Till then, enjoy this floating windows feature in your Android smartphone running in Nougat 7.0