How to dump Mediatek Android stock firmware using miracle box

In this guide, i will be showing you how to easily backup or dump an MTK phone’s stock firmware without having to root it. Backing up your Mediatek stock firmware is very important thing to do which might come in handy when your phone gets bricked or you need to fully restore it  without having to waste time searching for phone stock firmware online to download.


Download latest version Miracle Box v2.27a + Loader
* PC
* Working USB cord
* VCOM drivers installed to your PC (very important). See detailed guide how to manually install usb vcom drivers to your pc. If your PC is running on windows 8, 8.1 and 10, goto detailed guide on how to install vcom drivers to windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

How To Backup/ Dump Mediatek Stock Firmware

1. Download and extract the Miracle into a folder in your PC and launch Miracle loader.exe

2. Wait till Miracle Box fully opens to the Dashboard

3. Click the “MTK” tab as seen from below image

4. After that, tick “Read” as seen from below image

5. Now, select the phone’s chipset type from the dropdown

  •  If you want the backup saved in an SP Flash tool friendly format with a scatter file then tick “Save as scatter file”.

6. After that, click the “Start button”

7. From there, you should see “Waiting for USB Port” at the bottom left corner. Connect the phone to the PC (must be switched off still with battery inside) then press the Power button just once (this is to ensure that your device is detected immediately). DO NOT hold down the power button else the phone will boot up normally

8. If you did not tick Save as scatter file, a box should pop up. Navigate to the location you wish to save the firmware (in .bin format) then click Save

  • 8a. If you ticked Save as scatter file then a box should popup asking you to select which block / partition you would like to backup. Tick all if you want a full firmware backup / dump or tick only what you need to backup then click OK


  • 8b. Navigate to the location you wish to save the files to then click OK

9. Wait while Miracle Box begins backing up the phone. If you did not tick Save as scatter file, it should look something like below image

  • 9a. If you ticked Save as scatter file, it should look something like

10. Now, once backup has been completed, you should see a “DONE” message

11. At this point, disconnect and  then power on the phone. Thats it, you have successfully made backup or dumped your  mediatek stock firmware for use.

NOTE. For the scatter backup, you can rename the file extensions in order to use them in SP flash tool, e.g recovery.bin to recovery.img