Download and Install ZCX Twrp Recovery v3.0.2 For Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Special Edition

TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) is an essential and most used custom recovery tool for anybody that loves to modify their Android device.  TWRP has been around since the invention of the wheel back in 1996 and has been providing modders with all kinds of great tools. Based on its rich features and the ability to enable users install flashable zip file without any issues. TWRP has been modded to fully support MIUI incremental OTA update (Over The Air) and to survive from bootloop by disabling boot-system DM-verity security mechanism and in page.

ZCX is the modified version of Team Win Recovery Project with support for miui incremental ota updates which means you can install your device ota updates even if your phone was rooted. This custom build of TWRP is created by BY~XM.

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In this article you will be installing ZCX  Twrp recovery v3.0.2 for your Xiaomi redmi note 3 special edition (kate).

ZCX TWRP Features:

  • OTA incremental update support
  • Support for ad-hosts
  • SuperSu v2.79 included
  • Android 6.0 Data partition decryption support [No more Internal Storage/Encryption error]
  • Some bugs fixed

NOTE: Your device bootloader must be unlocked first. See detailed guide how to unlock Xiaomi redmi note 3 prime (kate) bootloader.

Installing zcx twrp recovery v3.0.2 to your Xiaomi redmi note 3 prime device is pretty simple and takes no time. Simply do the following

1.  Download ZCX Twrp recovery v3.0.2 for redmi note 3 prime from here
2.  Extract file to another folder in your PC desktop. You will be having some files such as below image.

3.  Now, turn of your device and reboot to fastboot mode by press and holding Volume down + Power button for like 5 seconds to enter fastboot mode.

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4.  Now, go back to your zcx twrp recovery folder and double click “flash.bat” which will bring up a window such as below image.

5.  Now, plug in your phone still on fastboot mode to your PC and hit the ENTER key from your pc keyboard

6.  ZCX twrp recovery will automatically start installing on your device and your device will reboot to zcx twrp recovery v3.0.2 after installation.

That’s it guys, you have successfully installed zcx twrp recovery v3.0.2 on your redmi note 3 special edition device and can now proceed to make backups, flash custom roms and so on.