List Of Fastboot and Recovery Roms For All Xiaomi Device

this page, you will find global stable fastboot and recovery firmware
file for your Xiaomi phone. This firmware file is very essential to have
which can help restore your phone back to default state, fix bricked
issues, upgrade to latest firmware, etc. The fastboot firmware can be
installed using Mi Flashtool, see detailed guide how to install Xiaomi
fastboot firmware using Mi Flashtool.

The Xiaomi MTK firmware can be intalled using Sp Flashtool. See detailed how to install MTK stock firmwares using Sp Flashtool.  Ensure you download firmware file specifically meant for your type of Xiaomi device, downloading and installing firmware not meant for your type of Xiaomi device can cause brick issues.

Mi 5
Fastboot Flash –  Download 1929M
Update Flash –  Download 1547M

Mi Note 2
Update Flash –  Download 1241M
Fastboot Flash –  Download 1545M

Mi 5s Plus
Update Flash –  Download 1507M
Fastboot Flash –  Download 1812M

Redmi Note 4 MTK
Update Flash –  Download 1378M
Fastboot Flash –  Download 1733M

Mi 2 / Mi 2S
Fastboot –  Download 1015M
Recovery –  Download 744M

Mi 3 / Mi 4
Fastboot –  Download 1266M
Recovery –  Download 924M

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Mi Note
Recovery –  Download 1059M
Fastboot –  Download 1401M

Mi 4i
Fastboot – Download 1226M
Recovery –  Download 933M

Redmi Note 2
Fastboot –  Download 1464M
Recovery –  Download 1156M

Redmi Note 4X / Qualcomm
Fastboot –  Download 1745M
Recovery –  Download 1323M

Mi Max 32G
Fastboot Flash –  Download 1818M
Update Flash –  Download 1401M

Mi Max 64G / 128G
Fastboot Flash –  Download 1810M
Update Flash –  Download 1401M

Redmi 3
Fastboot Flash –  Download 1282M
Update Flash –  Download 1013M

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Redmi 3S
Fastboot Flash –  Download 1882M
Update Flash –  Download 1495M

Redmi 2
Update Flash –  Download 818M
Fastboot Flash –  Download 1086M

Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm
Fastboot Flash –  Download 1488M
Update Flash –  Download 1160M

Redmi Note 3 SE
Fastboot Flash –  Download 1880M
Update Flash –  Downlaod 1464M

Redmi Note Prime
Fastboot Flash –  Download 1218M
Update Flash –  Download 878M