Tutorial To Easily Install Xiaomi USB Drivers To Pc

For better connection between your Xiaomi device and Windows PC, it is quite essential to install USB Drivers. You can copy the media files and also surf the web on computer using the Redmi Note 3 data package. It is also useful when you flash custom ROMs and recoveries through your Windows PC. Without drivers properly installed to your PC, it is impossible for your phone to be detected when attempting to flash firmwares using flash tools or doing anything that needs your phone drivers to be installed.

After going through some guides online on how to install Xiaomi drivers to PC, i discovered most of those tutorials are hard to understand and even if successfully done, flash tool still doesn’t detect phone and also doing anything that needs driver installation doesn’t work. But here, i have come up with a very simple way to install Xiaomi drivers to your PC without wasting anytime.

How To Easily Install Xiaomi USB Drivers To PC

1. Download the latest PDAnet for windows from here.

2. Run the downloaded “PdaNet.exe” file.
3. Click on Yes to start the setup process. Click on Next to continue the setup process of PdaNet.

4. Read the license agreement and click on the radio button present before “I accept the agreement”. This will enable the Next button. Click on the Next button to go to the next step of the setup process.

5. Next screen of setup will display the minimum system requirements for installing. The requirements are:

→ Any Android phone
→ Windows 8.1/8/7/XP/Vista
Click on Next if you satisfy the requirements. 

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6.  You can change the name and folder location of program’s shortcut using browse.. or you can leave it as it is. Click on Next to install the PdaNet.

7.  If you already have installed some USB driver on your PC, a screen as shown below will appear in front of you saying “An existing USB driver is found on your computer, you can reinstall it if it’s having problem”. Select YES to reinstall or NO to keep. My recommendation? Click Yes to reinstall
  • But if some USB drivers were not already installed, you will see below screen. Coose “Others” and click “OK”.

8. Few sec, you will be presented with another screen. For this step, your android device will be required. Take your android device and  go to Setting → Developer Option → Enable the USB debugging. After that connect, your android device to PC, the setup will automatically go to next step.

If Developer Option is not visible in setting, follow the below steps.

→Go to Settings→ About phone→ Build number

→Touch the Build number no less than 7 times.

→When you see a warning that mentioned developer mode already turned on

→Go back to Settings again, you will find the “Developer Options”

→Touch “Developer options” 

→Check “USB debugging”.

9. Now you will be presented with a small window on your phone, telling you to allow USB debuging in your device. Allow it

10.  That’s it, you have successfully installed your Xiaomi needed drivers to your PC and can now proceed to use Mi Flash tool