Easily Unlock Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Bootloader [SD]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro, the beastly powerful midrange Android snapdragon 650 phone from Xiaomi which is by far the best Redmi Note Series phone and also the best in the Mid-Range premium phone section. Its been out of stock in seconds each time its on sale. Redmi Note 3 pro is very popular and is in great demand because of its Stylish Uni metal body finish, finger print sensor, powerful 4000mAh battery, 64bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 Hexa Core 1.8GHz, Adreno 510 and more features which will make you long to buy this midrange beast.


With such a specification, the miui Fans and lovers of midrange Android phone and tweakers cant hold them self from tweaking the device and getting more juice out of it. But due to the new secure Bootloader Lock policy, the Geek Club had a frown due to the long wait for 10-15+ days to get the unlock Permission to unlock the Phone was a blow in the face to all MIUI Geeks. But no worries, after reading this simple to follow guide, you will unlock your redmi note 3 pro snapdragon bootloader within few minutes.

Now you dont have to wait half a month to get those Unlock permissions. Just few Minutes and the deal is Done. Unlock your Redmi Note 3 SnapDragon in seconds without the Mi Unlocking Tool and even without the Approval. Now this is what all the geeks were waiting for all this time . so why still waiting …go get up …get set UNLOCK…. Follow guide step by step

In this simple guide on how to easily unlock redmi note 3 pro bootloader, i will be making this tutorial more easier and simple to follow. Lets begin


  • Enabled usb Debugging
  • Enabled OEM Unlocking
  • ADB and Fastoot setup on your pc. Download from below
  • Unlocked Bootloader. Download from below
  • Fastboot EDL. Download from below
  • Latest Mi Flash Tool. Download from below
  • A Fastboot rom – kenzo_global_images_V7.5.3.0.LHOMIDE_20160629.0000.25_5.1_global_.tar works perfectly. Download from below
  • Windows OS Driver signature disabled. Very important
  • PC with Xiaomi drivers installed. See easiest method to install Xiaomi needed drivers to your PC

NOTE: This article is only for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro Snapdragon 650. Do not attempt this guide on other flagship

How To Enable USB Debugging And OEM Unlocking

  1. Simply goto settings on your phone. Then click on About Phone and tap MIUI version seven times. This will enable Developer Options on your Phone
  2. Now go back to Main settings Menu, click on Additional Settings → Developer Settings → Enable Usb Debugging.
  3. Now, still in developer setting, locate OEM Unlocking and toggle it.

That’s it, you have successfully enabled USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking. Keep reading

How To Setup ADB and FASTBOOT On PC

Its very easy to do so, instead of downloading Android SDK of about 400mb, simply download AnF.zip file from download section below and then extract all its content. We will be using it later.

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How To Disable Driver Signature Enforecement

On windows Xp its not required. But on Windows 7 and above, do the following:

  • While the PC starts Booting, PRESS F8; this will Show a Menu while booting windows, Select “Disable Driver signature enforement” and press ENTER. Windows Would boot with it Disabled. If you are having trouble there are other ways as well. Google it.

Granted you have downloaded all the required files from below, lets proceed to unlocking Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro bootloader the easy way

How To Easily Unlock Redmi Note 3 Pro Bootloader

1.)  Download Latest Mi Flash tool, unzip and install to your PC. If driver installation prompts, select “INSTALL” and complete Mi Flashtool installation

2.)  Download Fastboot rom and extract it using 7zip extractor to your PC desktop. After proper extraction, you will be having files as seen from screenshot.

3.)  Now, move all the files seen on given screenshot to “images” folder of fastboot rom

4.)  Now, extract Unlocked Bootloader you downloaded and copy “emmc_appsboot.mbn” to “images” folder in fastboot rom. If it prompts to replace existing file, proceed to replace.

5.)  Now, extract Fastboot EDL to another folder in your PC. Fastboot EDL will enable you to easily boot your phone to Download Mode instead of going through stress.

6.)  After extracting Fastboot EDL, open fastboot edl folder and double-click on “Reboot”, a window will pop up.

7.)  Now, simply turn off your phone and then boot to Fastboot Mode. To boot to fastboot mode, press and hold Volume Down + Power Button for 5 seconds. Release keys when you see fastboot

8.)  After that, plug your phone to PC and go back Fastboot EDL window and hit ENTER.
9.)  After that, your phone will reboot to Download Mode and you’ll see your LED light blinking red. Keep reading..

10.)  Now, launch Mi Flash tool click on “SELECT”. A small window will pop up, use it to navigate to where your Fasboot rom is, select it and select “Image” folder and click OK

11.)  Click on “Refresh” and then click on “FLASH”, sit and relax for flashing process to complete. After completion, you will see success.

12.)  Now unplug your phone and boot it to fastboot mode again, its time to unlock redmi note 3 pro bootloader

14.)  Now, plug phone to PC and open AnF folder and double click on CMD to open command window as seen from below screenshot. Do not clear writeups in that command window, leave it as it is

15.)  In command window, type fastboot oem device-info and hit ENTER. That command will show your device info

16.)  Now again, type fastboot oem unlock-go and hit ENTER which will now unlock your phone bootloader and then reboot your phone

Thats it, you have successfully unlocked your Redmi Note 3 pro bootloader and can now proceed to install custom recovery to flash and enjoy custom roms on redmi note 3 pro snapdragon

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Fastboot_EDL [217kb]