Key Featues To Look Out For When Buying Headset For Your Android Device

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There are various devices and accessories which one can use for entertainment, whether it is watching movies or listening to music. Almost everyone uses headphones as they enable people to enjoy listening to music or other kinds of
audio entertainment without disturbances from ambient noises. Headphones
have been in production for many years, and have evolved greatly to include many features which contribute to the audio quality. A good pair of headphones is important especially for those who travel or who do not use speakers when listening to music. However, many people tend to
buy the cheapest headphones that they can find thinking that any pair of
headphones is good enough as long it allows them to listen to music.

Choosing the right headphones is important as good quality ones
provide better audio and comfort to the listener compared to cheaper headphones. There are various features to consider when purchasing a headphone, but the key features to look for are noise cancelling,
wireless connectivity or cord type, and comfort. To make an informed decision when buying headphones, one should also be familiar with the wide selection available in the market or online stores

Types of Headphones

Typically, headphones are divided into home and portable headphones, but the line between these two types is blurry as headphones have been getting more versatile over the years. However, there are still a few types of headphones which are suitable for different needs. They may be designed for gaming, home theatre, or for listening to music on the go. For this reason, one must decide how they want to use the headphones before buying them. The three main types of headphones are
in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, and full-size headphones. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, and a buyer should know them to be able to make an informed decision when selecting the right pair of headphones for their needs. Below are types of headphone which might suit your needs.

In-Ear Headphones:

Also known as earbud headphones, in-ear headphones are commonly
included as a freebie with media devices such as portable music players.
However, many users choose to purchase new higher performance
headphones to replace the ones that came with the device to enjoy better
sound quality. In-ear headphones
are small and can be inserted into the ear canal, while some models
have clips of some sort to fit more securely on the ears, which is
useful especially for those who like listening to music while
exercising. These headphones are lightweight and portable, come in
various sizes, but may not have the best sound quality compared to
bigger headphones. The ear tips on these headphones can be made of
different materials such as rubber, silicone, and foam.

On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones
are also called earpad headphones and supra-aural headphones. Instead
of being inserted into the ear canal like the in-ear headphones, on-ear
headphones rest on the outer ears of the user. They are light and
comfortable but also pack more power than in-ear headphones. On-ear
headphones are more common in offices and other work environment as they
allow one to be aware of the surrounding environment and in the same
time listening to music.

Full-Size Headphones

These headphones are also called circumaural headphones and
over-the-ear headphones, among other names. These are the biggest
headphones available and they are designed to fully cover a user’s ears.
Full-size headphones provide the best noise isolation, which means that
users can get fully immersed in their music or movie without any noise
disturbances from the outside world. The size of the headphones also
enables them to have better performance in terms of audio loudness and
clarity than other types of headphones. However, their large size also
makes them bulky and cumbersome to carry around.

Features to Look for When Buying Headphones

Some people may think that buying a pair of headphones is a trivial task. However, to get the most out of their headphones, and
really enjoy their music or movie, buyers should know the type of headphones that they should get and also the features which can improve the listening experience. By choosing the right pair of headphones, one can get the perfect combination of comfort, sound quality, and also value for money. There are several features that one should consider when buying headphones.

Noise Cancelling:

Headphones with active noise cancelling use small microphones to detect any external noises, which then feed the noises to a circuit. This circuit cancels the noise by creating opposing sound waves, and
thus preventing the user from being disturbed by the environment noises.
This feature is perfect for those who like to fully immerse in their music or who work and travel in noisy environments. Also called noise isolation, this feature reduces the amount of external noise that a user
perceives, enabling one to use headphones at a low volume. Active noise cancelling headphones require a power source, and therefore, usually use batteries. On the other hand, headphones with passive noise
cancelling prevent ambient noise from reaching the user by covering the ears tightly.


Wireless headphones generally use Bluetooth technology or a battery-powered receiver instead of wires to connect to a music player. They are perfect for
those who find long headphone wires to be troublesome to deal with. This feature is mostly available on full-size and on-ear headphones, but there are in earheadphones with Bluetooth connectivity as well.

Cord Shape:

The two different types of headphone cord shapes are the J and Y shapes. This feature is usually present on in-ear headphones as they generally have thinner wires than bigger headphones, which can rub against one’s clothes and create some noise.

A J-shaped cord connects to
only one earbud, whereas a Y-shaped cord has two cords attached to both
earbuds. This feature is mostly up to one’s preferences.


Some headphones have microphones which can be used for Internet
voice chatting or for voice recording. Headphones with this feature are
usually referred to as headsets, and are mostly used with a computer. A
headset usually has two plugs, one which connects to the headphone/speaker jack and another which connects to the microphone jack. Headsets are also popular with gamers who like to communicate with other players during the game. Gaming headsets  are generally full-size or on-ear headphones so they are able toproduce powerful, realistic sounds when playing. Some may also have a
built-in microphone instead of an external one.

Other Features:

One important feature of any pair of headphones is comfort. One
should always choose headphones which are comfortable to wear, because
uncomfortable ones can distract the user and even cause pain in the long
run. Buying uncomfortable headphones is also a waste of money, as one
will not be using them as often as if the headphones were comfortable.
Some headphones also can be compatible with mobile phones and MP3 players. These headphones may have volume controls and a button for answering calls.

Each type of headphones has its own pros and cons, and it is up to the users to decide which type is the most suitable for them. For those who are not audiophiles, even in-ear headphones included for free with their
MP3 player may be sufficient for them to enjoy their music.