CPU X : Best System & Hardware Info

CPU X is the best Android app which shows full and correct Android phones information or specification about device like processor, cores, speed, model, ram, camera, sensors etc. You can also monitor internet speed ( in notifications & status bar ), data usage ( daily & monthly ) .


• Internet Speed Monitor – See current download & upload speed in notifications and combined speed in status bar.
• Data Usage Monitor – Monitor the data usage ( daily, monthly) over WiFi and mobile networks with beautiful graphs.
• Battery Monitor – Monitor level, temperature and voltage of battery with beautiful graphs.
• CPU Status – See the percent of time CPU run in frequency state since device switched on.
• Widget – A semi transparent widget on home screen displays at-a-glance information of device’s status.

My opinion: If you are looking for an Android app which gives full and correct specification of your Android phone unlike written specs found online, i highly recommend cpu x, it will surprise you. try it, its good

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