Borderlands 3 Speculations And Release Date

It’s been almost five years now since Borderlands 2 was launched and
the game was sold to numerous players by the end of
March 2015. The first game in the series was also immensely popular
among the fandom because of its outstanding gameplay facilities due to
which the first person shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software
is still in the good books of the fanatics.

With such popularity, the
upcoming Borderlands 3 is expected to be more intriguing than its
predecessors. There are reports which have stated that Borderlands 3
might be launched somewhere around October 2018 but the news has not
yet been officially confirmed. And the gaming fanatics are anxiously
waiting to get an insight into it.

It might take some more time for Borderlands 3 to hit the markets but
that doesn’t stop the fans from mulling about the thought of what can be
expected from Borderlands 3. Both the games in the series were set on a
virtual planet of Pandora but rumors are at rife that the map of
Borderlands 3 will be set on the planet of promethea. And this
particular speculation might turn out to be true as most of the reports
have highlighted this news. A buzz has already been created among the
fans and they are really looking forward to this upgrade.

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We have seen scooter appearing in game several times and a rumor which
has surfaced right now is that the gamers will get to witness a new
character named as Scooper in Borderlands 3 who is supposed to be the
son of Scooter. Well! This news has already tickled the curiosity buds
of the players and now they are hoping that the game developers come up
with the change in the upcoming game in the series. Nevertheless,
Handsome Jack was seen dead in the previous game and the negative
character was not appreciated by few of the players, but an antagonist
is always required in a plot line, therefore, the fans might expect
Gearbox Software to come up with a new villain in Borderlands 3.

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It seems that the gamers have something else to look forward to in
Borderlands 3, as the CEO of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford has
indicated that the title of the game might not be named as Borderlands 3
as they might come up with something else as well. This news might not
be quite overwhelming for few of the gamers as they might want it to be
called as Borderlands only.

By taking a dig into the rumors related to Borderlands 3, it seems that
the upcoming first person shooter game is going to be more addictive
than the previous games in the series.