xShare – Best And Fast Android File Transfering App

Have you tried to share your games, videos, or any files with your friends face to face? Have you tried flash transmission for all files without any data traffic cost? xShare is the answer, download xShare and get the incredible sharing experience now!

Peer-to-Peer file transfer. With xshare, you can transfer multiple files with your friend’s phones at the same time with high speed and faster than flash share

xShare is base on built-in wifi connection, thereby having the capability of  transfering any files with high speed, reaching 200 times more than a bluetooth transmission.

No data cost and files can be transferred without any network connection. xShare is cool and easy to use because its super small and easy to use with direct UI design.

xshare-file transfer app

best android file sharing app

Special Features:

→ No network restriction: Share files whenever & wherever
→ Fasted in the word: 200 times faster than Bluetooth
→ QR code fast matching: The most convenient QR code matching program, gently sweep, finish paired share

Download xShare best sharing files apps now and feel the speed of sharing your files with your friends without wasting time.