[LATEST] GBWhatsApp v4.81 Is Here – Use 2 Whatsapp In 1 Android Phone


GBWhatsApp is the best whatsapp mod anti-ban whatsapp chatting app. It is packed with lots of features to customize or theme your Whatsapp to your taste. GBWhatsapp is a new messaging app that can be used by the Smartphone and android users for sending instant messages to their loved ones. People were using messaging app Whatsapp till now to send messages instantly as it delivers these messages at faster speed than any other similar messaging app. But it restrains them to use single Whatsapp account for a registered mobile number to send messages as it does not allow you to open another Whatsapp account with the same mobile number.

GBWhatsapp messaging app has been developed to allow you to use 2 Whatsapp accounts on same phone to send instant messages as well as make calls to your family and friends. Most users might have heard about this application and have made use of it but i’m sure there are many who have not heard or use this application and that is one among the reasons of this article. If you do not know how to use GBWhatsapp on single device then you should go through this write-up as it tells you about GBWhatsapp usage.

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What’s New In GBWhatsApp V4.81?

  • New Base Updated to 2.16.193
  • Added Disable Calls Specific Contact
  • Added Ability to see Last Seen in Contacts Tab (Mod
  • Unlocked All Hidden Features (Video Calls, Group Invite Links)
  • Added Now Contact Page is themed along with Contacts Tab
  • Added Custom Privacy with Global Privacy (eg. Hide for all and same time unhide for a Specific Contact)
  • Added Option to Change Color of Missed Call Icon in Conversation Screen (Mod 1.2.53 to Mod 1.2.55)
  • Added Option to Change Color of Missed Call Icon in Chats Screen (Mod 2.2.31)
  • Added Option to Change Color of Last seen and Online in Contacts Screen (Mod 2.4.12 and 2.4.13)
  • Fixed Status Scrolling in Conversation Header
  • Fixed Hide Notifications (Mod 6.2)
  • Fixed Restore/Backup Data (Mod 6.7)
  • Fixed Custom Wallpaper showing Black
  • Other Fixes
And much more available features to explore. You can download GBWhatsApp from below direct download link and enjoy the features of this app and also make your WhatsApp stand out among others.


DOWNLOAD → GBWhatsApp V4.81


How To Use Two Whatsapp In On Phone

1.  Download GBWhatsapp from given link to your phone
2.  Backup your already installed Whatsapp chat and uninstall the Whatsapp afterward
3.  Now, install your downloaded GBWhatsapp
4.  Launch GBWhatsapp after installation and click on “Agree & Continue”
5.  Now, enter your mobile number, allow GBWhatsapp to verify your number.
6.  After verification, your GBwhatsapp is ready for you to chat with

Now to use another Whatsapp account, simply download Whatsapp app from Google play store and install to your phone, launch it and input another mobile number tp verify. That’s it, you have successfully installed and use two Whatsapp account on one phone at the same time.