How To Debloat A Stock Rom

Bloatwares are unnecessary apps that are preinstalled in a
rom by the manufacturers of a device or by various carriers. Some of these apps
in most cases cannot be uninstalled because it was installed in
“/system” folder making it difficult to remove. This guide will show
how to remove boatwares permanently.
**Effects of BOATWARES
Too many unnecessary bloat apps on a rom can have severe
effect on the rom. It could lead to high ram usage because these apps are
constantly running cache processes in the background. Battery draining is a
must, Lags and so on.

**How to remove BLOATWARES Competely and permanently from a ROM
Tools For this Tutorial
# Notepad++ [for modifying buid.prop]  CLICK ME

MTK Bootimg unpack/repack tool [for unpacking your bootimg] CLICK ME

unpack/repack tool [for unpacking and repacking system.img] CLICK ME

Advanced Apktool
[for zipaligning apks] CLICK ME

Your Stock Rom

Java Runtime
Now this tutorial is pretty lengthy because of pictures and all so i compiled it in a PDF format
Download PDF File: CLICK ME