How To Create Clockwokmod Recovery For Your MTK Android Phone

How To Create Clockwokmod Recovery For Your MTK Android Phone

Clockwokmod (CWM) recovery or any custom recovery is the second must do thing for all Android phones users after gaining root access. Why? because an Android phone with custom recovery installed can enable its user do things which cannot be done when on stock recovery mode.

Custom recovery has advanced advantages over stock recovery mode and such advantages includes making proper Nandroid back (backing up of entire Android phone) and making restore afterwards incase something goes wrong while messing around with your Android.

With custom recovery, one can be able make proper wipe/format of Android, install or flash flash-able zip files such as custom roms, fonts, super, bug fix for some custom roms, etc. All this which cannot be done while on stock recovery.

In this simple but yet effective article, i will be showing you on how to create and flash Clockwokmod (cwm) for your MTK Android phone.

Now, i understand this article has already been dropped on some sites but for the benefit of Techvillaz fans/ readers who has been requesting for it, i have decided to make it available. Do follow each steps carefully.


★ Rooted Android Phone. Go here to root if not rooted
★ Busy Box.apk. Download, install it, launch it and click on install
★ Working USB Cable
★ PC/ Laptop
★ MTK Droidtools. Download
★ MTK Android Drivers. Have you installed your Android drivers to your PC? If yes, proceed to steps. If NO, simply turn-on USB Debugging on your Android (settings → developer opions) and plug your Android to PC to auto detect and install device needed drivers.

If drivers failed to install or did not install properly, simply go here to learn how to manually install your device drivers to your PC.

You can also use Pdanet method which is my preferable method to install Android drivers to PC, go here to see how to install Android drivers to PC using Pdanet.

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1. Download MTKDroidtools from given link, extract its content to another folder in your PC. Ensure to turn-off Antivirus to avoid it from auto deleting MTKDroidtools needed files, it happens.

2. Now, check among the list of files you extracted to find “MTKDROIDTOOLS.exe”. Launch it

3. After launching Mtkdroidtools.exe, granted you have installed your Android drivers to your PC, simply plug-in your Android to PC using USB cable.

4. In few seconds, MTKDroidtools will automatically detect your phone and you should be able to see your phone details.

5. Click root at the bottom of MTKDroidtools
6. On your phone, grant MTK super user permissions
7. After that, let MTK complete (the box at the lower left will change from color yellow to green)

8. Click on the “Root.Backup.Recovery” tab

9. Tick “To use boot from phone”

10. Now, Click on “Recovery and Boot tab”

11. Click “Yes” to the “To Make CWM Recovery Automatically?”

After few seconds when the phone’s boot have been patched, MTK Droid Tools would ask “Make CWM Recovery Automatically?”. Just click “Yes” and proceed.

12. Final Stage, Reboot Phone: you now have to wait for some seconds for MTK Droid Tools to flash the created CWM (ClockWorkMOD) recovery on the phone.

When the flashing process is complete, MTK Droid Tools would ask “Reboot phone in recovery?”, you may click “yes” or “no”.

But I suggest you click “Yes” to boot to the newly flashed ClockWorkMOD recovery to try out the recovery.

Congratulations! You now have succesfully installed ClockworkMod recovery to your MTK Android phone.

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