Scammers Now Targets WhatsApp To Install Malwares On Smartphones

Hello World! We have yet another news from world’s most popular instant messaging app (WhatsApp). All users of WhatsApp may have something to bother about as a recent report has revealed that users’ security may be at risk.  The report reveals that scammers are currently sending out links to users and secretly installing malwares on their smartphones when they click such links.

According to The Independent, the links appear to come from a friend but leads users to a discount page which then asks for personal details. Unsuspecting users are then led to a fake website which infects the phone with malware thereby allowing the scammer to obtain sensitive information.

The principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, David Emm said in the report, “We have noted that this WhatsApp scam has been actively circling for some time. It ‘speaks’ several languages so the attacks can be customized for each market.”