Apple Is Planning To Bring Wireless Charging Technology To iPhone

The wireless charging technology has been with us for quite a while and yet Apple decided to come later to the show. This time wireless charging in a more realistic sense unlike what you would expect like laying the smart device at close proximity to the charging plate. We have from reliable sources in the tech scene that this is the latest technology coming to iPhone as Apple is currently testing a wireless Charging technology for the iPhone.

Report on Bloomberg said that Apple is currently putting heads together with partners in USA and Asia to making the wireless Charging technology for iPhone a reality. This new technology may be among the big things coming in 2017 for the iPhone 7.

“With iPhones and iPads generating more than three quarters of Apple’s revenue, new technologies can give its devices an edge and help the company sell products at a premium in a slowing market,” the report points out. Considering the recent earnings call, we couldn’t agree more.

It is on record that Apple has tested the wireless Charging technology before but the challenge seem to be how to balance the voltage that comes with distant connections. Hopefully this time they will get it right.