How To Increase Headset And Speaker Volume On Android Smartphone

Am certain a lot of you still find your Mediatek device speaker or headset volume to still be of low in volume by default even after increasing it’s volume to maximum. In this short tutorial, I will be showing us how to increase headset and speaker volume on android to make it louder to your satisfaction than what it sound like in manufacturer’s setting. This is going to be a very short but technical tutorial on how to increase headset and speaker volume on Android device via MTK Engineering Mode or Mobile Uncle Tools.

You can generally enhance sound output via MTK Engineering Mode which means this tutorial is strictly for MTK users such as Tecno, Infinix, Lenovo, Huawei, Injoo, Gionee and some other brands of device that runs on the Mediatek processor. If your device is not rooted, don’t panic because this works for both rooted and non-rooted Mediatek device.

NB: If your device is not rooted, use MTK Engineering Mode to carry on following same simple steps bellow.

How To Increase Your Mediatek Smartphone Speaker & Headset Volume

1. Download and install MTK Engineering Mode.apk or Mobile Uncle Tools.apk from Google Play store.

2. Launch MTK Engineering Mode and click on “(MTK SETTING)”.

3. Navigate to “Hardware Testing” by swiping left and select “Audio“.

4. Now, select “Loudspeaker Mode” if you want to increase speaker volume but if headphone, select “Headset Mode“.

5. Adjust values and Set to increase audio outputs. You may increase Max. Volume to 150 or 160.

Note: You will find something like what you see in the picture below. Max Volume usually fall between 0~160 while the value is 0~225. Yours will appear in default as a specific value, all you need to do is adjust it but make sure you’re not exceeding it’s maximum values so as not affect your device’s behaviour.
Done, now launch your music and feel the difference. If you are not satisfied with the volume of incoming calls you can as well increase its volume by repeating the same procedures making sure you set values for Sip , Mic , Sph , Sph2 , Sid and Media.
What of none Mediatek device users, can they also increase their device speaker/ headset volume above manufacturer’s default settings? Yes you can, by downloading and installing SPEAKER BOAST from Google PlayStore.
We love comments and we’ll also love to read your comments. If you don’t understand the above steps to increase your Mediatek device volume, do let us know.