How To Resume Failed Or Expired Download In Uc Browser

You will agree with me that it feels so annoying when downloading your needed files from the internet using Uc Browser but unfortunately the network failed, you tried to resume your downloading files which must have approached finished line only for you to get expired error or failed error, hence refusing to resume and continue downloading. Well if you do encounter such while downloading using Uc Browser, it also happened to me but that will be a thing of the past after reading and applying this simple trick to resume failed or expired download in UC Browser.


  1. Open your file manager and go to UCDownloads folder.
  2. Cut that file and .dltemp extension file of same name.
  3. Paste them in any other folder.
  4. Open UC Browser, hold that file and get details of that file, copy the file url.
  5. Delete that file , open that url and download again.
  6. Let it download upto 300 kb and then pause the download.
  7. Exit UC Browser and open file manager, goto UCDownloads folder and delete that file with .dltemp file.
  8. Cut the previous file with .dltemp file and paste it to UCDownloads folder.
  9. Now open UC Browser and resume download.

Done, your failed or expired download will like it or not resume from where it stopped with no file corruption.