Use Your Android Phone Like An Expert

How To Use Your Android Phone Like Expert
This is the start to a very interesting series on how to properly use your android phone like an expert. First you need to know the basics. There are certain things you need to understand before you become an expert or average android user. Lets get started with some basic terms, pay attention you might not know them.


The android Operating System is one of many mobile platforms based on Linux Kernel which is currently being developed by Google. Other mobile platform OS include : Symbian, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS and of course Apple’s iOS. What makes the Android OS stand out is it’s open source, so anyone like me or you can simply create an android app, themes, ROM, etc. and its all totally free and accessible.


Rooting is more like unlocking your android phone, as the picture would illustrate. In techie terms it is “Granting Your Android Phone Administrator Privileges”. The truth behind rooting your phone is you instantly get access to a lot more ways to properly use your phone like more customization options, you can flash and upgrade your phone at will jumping from one ROM to another, you can use some apps to free, extend your RAM and much more.


SuperSu is a management application which would get installed on your android phone after a succesful attempt to root your phone. Depending on the way you root your phone. There are different ways to root your android phones, SuperSu should be automatically installed to show that you successfully rooted your phone or yoi can download Root Checker from Google playstore to verify your android phone root access. One among the functions of SuperSu is to control your root access towards certain apps behaviour.


You will agree with me that some or most of the android users don’t even know the meaning of ROM, in simple terms, ROM is what android developers refer to as the Operating System of the Android Device. It’s nothing special just the entire look and UI of your android smartphone but there are two types of ROM:
  • Stock ROM: When you buy any new android smartphone, stock ROM follows, it is the base stock OS your phone manufacturers installed on the android device. It has little customization options.

  • Custom ROM: Now, this is what individuals like you and i created, taking into considerations the shortcomings or weakness of the Stock ROMs and providing an improvement. Each and every Custom ROM is based on a Stock Rom, in simple terms, you can’t create a Custom ROM without using a Stock ROM. It has more remove for customization, i’m talking about total customization! You can search Google for custom roms for your specific android phone or you can ask Miahdroid for it.
NB: Flashing or installing custom roms not meant for your phone can render your android phone useles until you find a fix for it. You can also info MiahTek about it.