How To Replace Whatsapp Default Emoticon To A Lovely Style

Android emoji replacer is an Xposed framework module used in replacing your stock boring Whatsapp & Hike emoticons/ emoji.
With android emoji replacer, you can choose from different set or style of emoticons/ emoji such as that of Samsung Touchwiz {122}, Twitter & any other style of your choice.


How To Replace Whatsapp & Hike Emoji

  • Download the module.
  • Activate in Xposed framework app.
  • Open module app from App Drawer.
  • Check “Activate Module” CheckBox.
  • Select desired Style Set from the provided ListBox.
  • Press “Apply On The Go” button [May or may not work for everyone].
  • Open Recent Whatsapp or Hike to view changes.
  • Done.
NOTE: Android emoji replacer uses xposed framework for its functionality. You can Enter Here to find out about Xposed framework and how it works.